Written by Pete GarciaEach year since at least 2013, I think, I’ve done a “year in review” ahead of the coming year. While my “batting average” (a little humor here) tends to stay a little higher the more general and less specific I stay, I’d like to think I have a decent track record. That is NOT because I am so smart (I’m not), but because the Bible has already told us where events will move toward. Regarding accuracy, I have two particular methods that have contributed to my track record.

First, I look at what the Bible has to say about a thing and then look at where the news is headed. At that point, I simply connect the dots. Second, I take what world leaders say will happen, and then I expect the opposite to happen. Now having said that, here are my highly speculative and in no way, hard predictions/forecasts for 2022.

Caveat Emptor: Black Swan events can and will happen, and are unpredictable (hence black swan). These include (but are not limited to) events like tsunamis, major earthquakes, terrorist attacks, meteor strikes, solar storms, and other natural and man-caused catastrophes that happen without any forewarning. There is no way to predict those, other than to say that as we draw closer to the end, expect more of them to occur with increasing frequency and intensity.

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