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  • Mrs. Banks

    You are being censored on YouTube because of James. Can you not see how he is affecting your ministry?
    What does God have to do, totally destry your ministry to get you to back away from his derogatory remarks?
    Please prayerfully consider what this man is doing. He uses substitute cuss words all the tim. He uses the brandon saying on YOUR program. Why do you allow this? You sit there and laugh when you should be correcting him. Perhaps openly correcting him on YouTube is what he needs to stop doing it. I have been praying for God to discipline James. I hope he gets his vouce taken away from himself.
    God bless you Pastor Tom and your ministry.

    • Joy

      For Mrs. Banks, James is a wonderful brother in Christ, Pastor. He didn’t do anything wrong. I’m hoping Tom deletes your ridiculous and hating post. You have major issues. God bless.

      • Paul S

        I agree with you Joy,
        James lack tact and honerable Christian values.
        Calllng people “you fools” its not on, and the word of God warns us about this.

        James needs to restrain himself.

      • Laurie Rose

        You are absolutely right.

      • Tracy


    • Julie

      James does do what you said, but you should never wish that his voice be taken away or suggest embarrassing him on YouTube. That is something that should be handled behind the scenes. Just pray for him more. God will handle him in his own way.

    • Heidi

      If you don’t like Pastor James, then don’t listen to him mate You have the power to control what you watch and listen too… personally I find Pastor James teachings quite interesting and thought provoking. He often gives a different perspective for me to consider. I have been much blessed by the work these two shepherds do. So whilst your welcome to your opinion you can’t assume God’s not using him – even if it is for this season… maybe a bit of optometrist plank removal might be Necessary… #occupytilltrumpets

  • Wendy

    Thanks for this uplifting service and may God Bless you with many more

    From *Australia*

  • Sony Bee

    Praying for this ministry, we fight until the end… MARANATHA LORD COME QUICKLY!

  • Linda Wheeler

    I would like you to post the rest of this man’s sermons that he references are about to be spoken. I live i Cookeville TN and prophecy is avoided here. Paul Begley referenced the man that does the world financial forum has a training school all the top leaders go through that school, that’s why they have the same mind set on globalization. FFCTV.INFO Bill Gates went through in the ninties. In regarda to James, he needs to know in advance if you are going to referance Bible passages. His weakness on what the fig tree represents really hurt the credibility of your last post.

  • Paul S

    I disagree with you Joy,
    James lack tact and honerable Christian values.
    Calllng people “you fools” its not on, and the word of God warns us about this.

    James needs to restrain himself.

    • Ken

      I guess you never read what Jesus and the apostles said to the religious and political leaders of their day. Likewise the prophets. All of their speech would have been considered much more salty (putting it very nicely) than what James says. The translations from the Hebrew and the Greek generally clean up the “earthy” language. Mind you, back starting in the 1800’s, preachers were admonished about talking about the Blood of Christ, because blood was “offensive”.

  • Mary J Barbian

    Thank you Pastor Tom, for the fill in with Jeff Kinley. I would much rather access Hope for our times .com , to stay up to date on current events anyway. I’m thankful we still have access to TRUTH. Keep shining the LIGHT!!!