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  • LynnM

    I’m a new listener. I’ve been watching you on monkeywerx. I watched a documentary awhile back. It was about ufo’s. Have you heard of Luis Alonsado. I probably butchered his name. But he was on Tucker Carlson recently. He worked for the gov’t and was tasked with investigating ufo’s. They abruptly ended his investigation. When he asked why his superior asked him when was the last time he read his Bible. When he was on tucker he never asked him any questions regarding who he thought they were or anything like that. Thanks for all your updates. God Bless

  • Lori Weeder

    Your shirt goes with the backdrop Perfectly!

  • Fooh Fighter

    Hey, Pastor, could you talk about Revelation 2:10 and how it corresponds with the 10-day Covid isolation?
    coincidence this is happening??????