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  • Adrian Nettlefold

    Pastor Tom, I’m in Emerald Queensland Australia and the State government has said by 17th of December 2021 those of us who have not been Vaccinated, will not be able to participate in normal social life. We won’t be able to go into a hospital unless it’s an emergency, doctor’s clinic, no cinema, cafè, no sporting event, no open air market, and many more places not listed. I know personally nurses who have lost their jobs due to not taking the Vaccination when they have seen countless Vaccine injuries and deaths.(all either under reported or not reported at all) Some local councils are trying to push back and say that businesses aren’t going to do what the Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk has mandated. We have had border lockdowns between Queensland and the other states New South Whales, Northern Territory and South Australia. Without a Vaccine pass no one can enter Queensland from the other States. Quarantine Camps are situated a Pinkenba on Brisbane’s north side and Wellcamp next to the airport in Toowoomba. Finally Do you know of Any Pastors who are on board with Bible Prophecy like yourself here in Australia? It seems All our churches are very compliant with our corrupt politicians and believe if we just act like good citizens and do what the government asks, we will get to go back 2019. Australian Christian Lobby aren’t saying Jack about this or End Times.. Thank you for your channel and Pastor James as well.

  • Jacqueline Bird

    Great video Pastor!


    The merchants of the world is the Harlot, who will be destroyed by the beast in the 2nd half of the final 7 years.

  • Kate

    Herod was not a Jew, he was an Idumean ( Edomite) this does not always come to people’s attention, as some biblical movies portray Herod as saying he is a Jew.

  • Ken

    Thankfully my YT/google shadowbanning of my comments for the past month (all comments deleted) has ended. So they are really cracking down on ANYONE who does not toe the “approved propaganda” line.

    • Ken

      Oh, a lot of the issue with the adenovirus “vaccine” shots are due to a simple aspiration issue. Countries where the people aspirate the shot to make sure it does not go into the blood stream have much lower rates of blood clot issues than those who follow the manufacturers’ guidelines of NOT aspirating… to save vaccine.

  • Major

    I thank God for you Tom keep fighting the fight AMEN!!!

  • Kate

    You said ‘most of my family has been vaccinated”. If you know it’s deadly, why did you do it?

  • Christine

    Thank you pastor for all your great and informative videos i am really enjoying your website great job
    Do not grow weary in well doing…keep doing what you are doing we need the truth
    God Bless you and your ministry

  • Rayna

    Pastor Tom, Your comments about Jeremiah’s prophecy so reminds me of Dr. David Reagan’s a few years ago (before Covid). At that time he said of America, “the wound is incurable.” Now you remind us that Jeremiah was told not to pray for Israel and Judah. I do believe that God gives us illustrations and patterns through His dealings with Israel that we can apply to ourselves. All the corruption and our corrupting of other countries through funding our own and their abortions, exporting abominable porn, etc. we are now being judged. But the final straw is our ill-treatment of Israel. Incrementally, America has been judged for a long time, We follow the pattern of Romans 1. I think we are now at the place referred to in Jeremiah 30:11 speaking to Israel and Judah: ” For I am with you,’ says the LORD, ‘to save you; Though I make a full end of all nations where I have scattered you, Yet I will not make a complete end of you. But I will correct you in justice,And will not let you go altogether unpunished.’” We can pray for people to be saved but I agree with John – I can’t pray for God to bless America any more.

  • troutonsteroids

    Awesome that you read Brandon Smith’s stuff! He lives close to me and we’ve had him speak at our local patriot group a couple times. Tom – you are so based and tell it like it is. Appreciate your prophecy news and updates. I also found you through JD Farag. (o:

  • Erika

    Thank you for continuing to keep us updates. As of today, I was informed that my appeal to remain in the USAF and be religiously exempt from the “vaccine” was denied. I’ll not be forced out of a 7 1/2 year military career and the physician assistant program that I am now halfway through. As tragic as these things are to hear, I’m encouraged when it galvanizes my faith that I have chosen the right thing. To God be the Glory, Jehovah will provide.