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  • Michael Harris

    What happens to too hot for YouTube

  • Jay

    it’s not “young globalists” really it’s the “Forum of Young Global Leaders” same slant just, they use different wording to make it seem more legit.

    • Saf

      Yes my question as well. It’s Monday in Australia and I’ve been checking daily for days

  • Rosemary taylor

    Pastor Tom… thank you for your informative insight into the word of God and sharing with us how all the world events are coming together seamlessly according to Gods word. I love your presentations and I love Fridays with James too..may God richly bless all your endeavors and your ministry ❤️

  • Angela

    Thank you Pastor Tom and Pastor James for all the hard work you do! I enjoy and look forward to your updates. Your laughter despite the seriousness of the discussion is awesome! It’s a great reminder that no matter what happens or how serious things get, God is in charge and not the people who think they’re in control.

  • Gray J

    Dontcha know? The fig tree is NOT the nation of Israel!


  • irie a

    satan is enforcing things in his system of things

  • Gray J

    I know the ‘He’ Chuck is referring to!

  • Richard Coombe

    Well done Tom and team , I love your ministry and your end times talks with James Kaddish . Ric

  • John Reed

    Blessings to all. My wife & I became so excited when we found out Tom & Co. will be holding a conference in Orlando during the Jan. 27-30 weekend. We live about an hour away in Palm Bay by the NASA complex. Our only problem is we are both old and on fixed SS checks. My wife has advanced MS and just finished chemo after discovering she has stage 4 ovarian cancer. We’ve been pretty tested this past year. I continuously cry out in prayer for her healing. Anyway, we have plenty of time for the conference just not the funds. I want to ask for your consideration, help, & prayer for us to find some way to attend even a few minutes of the conference. I’m hoping that at least one of the righteous & holy teachers there will lay hands on my wife & pray for God’s healing. Thank you so very much! Also, my wife just asked me to also include an offer that perhaps we could work jobs during the conference to “pay our way”. She is very good making food although pretty physically limited. I’m an old musician A/V man & could help with any sound set up/mixing/monitoring plus very handy handling video gear (cameras) plus mic applications &/or production needs. It would be understandable if you don’t have need of us. But please keep in mind anything I might do for you in trade for a few hours at your convention. Not only will my wife get a possible healing but the value of the knowledge I always get from you to bring back home is just worth so much and will be shared with many of our fellow members of His kingdom. Thank you for your reading this and for your consideration! John & Tania Reed

  • Shelly

    Thank you P Tom for all you do in being a watchman on the wall and preparing the church for what’s coming.
    It can’t be said enough, I am so grateful and thankful for the ministry God has given you.
    You are a blessing.