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  • RLinAZ

    Regarding Prince Charles’s speech…I think that Prince Charles knows EXACTLY who ‘he’ is. It is foolish to think otherwise, in fact, I think most of the ‘powers-that-be’ in the room know who he’s referring to. And while I agree with most of what James Kaddis says, I would be helpful if he was less hysterical when he communicates…his delievery is tiresome and weakens his credibility. Shouting and ranting, and throwing out opinions that aren’t well thought out, don’t make for good interviews.

    • StarB78

      I agree with you RlinAZ. While listening to prince Charles I was thinking “this guy has been talking to the antichrist at Winsdsor Palace no doubt.” And he’s got no clue spiritually about all this.
      As for pastor James: he can be a live wire, sometimes doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so he needs a mature mentor I think.

    • Loriell

      If you’re not getting passionate like James NOW then WHEN!

  • Maschelle Mashburn

    Very nice to be able to hear Pastor James speak openly on things! I hope you do more videos like this as so much is happening. People need to understand the times we’re living in, and grasp the significance of what we’re seeing unfold. God bless you both!

  • ericasayshi

    Sorry James but the statue is a big deal to me and to some its there wake up call. Everything that happened that is foretold in the Bible is a huge deal to me.

    • StarB78

      Eric, I was thinking the same thing you wrote.
      The hideous statue placed near the UN is dedicated to “world peace and security “ (or something to that effect) and that speaks to what Scripture says about folks’ humanistic attitude in these last days. While it’s not fashioned exactly to look like the latter day beast, the fact that it is indeed a beast, and it’s actually at the UN. and it’s actually dedicated to “world peace” is very telling and significant.

  • TxRebel88

    Pastor Tom & James, the reason the vaccine is killing people is because of the ingredients. They had the vaccine way before the “plandemic” . they knew exactly what they were doing. as a matter of fact fauci has been working on this since the 1980s , fauci is responsible for creating aids and then the “vaccine” then.

  • TxRebel88

    search karen kingston she is an ex pfiser employee , now a whistleblower

  • Christine

    So great to hear you both being able to say everything you want to share with us without being fearful of being sensored. God bless you both for speaking the truth, keep making more of these videos on here…enjoyed very much.

  • SharpMissy

    I would really really love to hear a teaching on Habakkuk, in the view of what’s happening now.
    I have yet to see any recent teaching on the entire book of Habakkuk; no one seems to see what I see, and I really need to hear from learned biblical scholars what they think.
    Please Pastor Tom would you look into this?

    Best regards from Sweden.

  • IdahoRebbel

    Prince Charles knows who the “He” is. We have been watching him for several years, myself for about 2 years. I know it is hard to see because of the ideology of the Church getting raptured before the “He” is revealed is blinding many. Sadly he is revealing himself, all the elites in this end game know it. He hasn’t received the “grand” power as of yet from the 7 Kings but it will be soon. I am not saying to change your rapture belief, all I am saying is look at this guy and watch.

  • Ken

    There is a massive stash of many trillions of dollars of treasure in India and a few other countries, in the ancient temples…. Likewise Solomon is supposed to have been the wealthiest man, and supposedly most of that treasure is still hidden… Could this be part of the monies prince Charlie means?

    • OurRedemptionDrawsNear

      “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.”
      ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭13:18‬ ‭NASB1995‬‬

      We can know before the world knows because we have prophecy to tell us. Use wisdom.

      Charles is the prince (code of arms shows black prince symbol) and dragon whom the little horn is chained to. Dragon is Satan whom gives him power. His own mother said he would be given power from the dragon. The number of his name in Greek, Hebrew and English is 666 and so on.

  • Ken

    Also, some of the vaccines were designed BEFORE the pandemic started, they are part of the planned reduction of the world population to 500 million by 2035 that I read about back in 1985, an interview of one of the Sierra Club leaders, in which they said that by 2035, the world population would be that small, and all of North America would have 50 million people, the majority of which would live on county sized single sex farms raising food by hand to support the leadership dynasty… few tools, no animals, no education, no families (except the leaders), no travel after being assigned a farm at age 7 or 10, when you become feeble, you are “recycled”, if you are not a leader. Leaders will choose who gets to breed, they will travel around the world, they will be educated. There may be a small tech service class, generally drawn from the leader class who do not pass the testing to be able to become a ruler.

  • Melinda

    I found you and James with the new “To hot for you tube video.” I’m so excited. God bless you fellows, Melinda

  • David Jugan

    What’s interesting is that Prince Charles is in fact “a price.” Dan 9:26 says “and the people of the PRINCE that shall come shall destroy the city and sanctuary…and onto the end, desolations are determined. In this passage, the word “sahat” (destroy) is different than the word “saman” (desolations) in the passage as it infers destruction via corruption, not via physical destruction. The people of the prince to come wasn’t 70 AD but rather a future event. Why?; 70 weeks were deterred for Israel in Daniels prophecy. From 445BC until Palm Sunday was the 1st 69 weeks. And the 70th week is still future. Where is 70AD in that delineation of time?; nowhere! Though the 70 AD temple destruction was in fact a huge deal (spoken of by Jesus in Matt 24), it was NOT prophesied in Daniel 9:26. The people of the prince to come will corrupt the temple in Jerusalem. The one man to implement that corrupting event is the Antichrist (via the desolation of abomination). Perhaps Charles knows the “He,” and it’s him he is speaking of. That man is so evil and has the desire to eradicate the global population.

    My $0.02

  • irie

    thanks for the end times intell report –
    but keep in mind all information is important for everyone and is a big deal depending on where a person is and what they have or have not already learned and what they may or may not already know

  • irie

    they know who he is –
    you dont know yet because you are not a satanic insider