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  • Nancy Herron

    Hi Pastor Tom,

    I have been studying Revelation with Chuck Missler’s commentary. Here are some thoughts he pointed out about the rider on the White Horse. The BOW is the same word as the token of the covenant with Noah (Gen 9:13), in Hebrew and Greek LXX. He said the BOW ( the bow breaks and is always with him) could be a pund by the Holy Spirit for a token of his covenant (Amos 2:15). The BOW is a symbol of the first world leader Nimrod an Assyrian just as the last world leader.

    Enjoy your updates and interviews!

    Nancy Herron (only use first name if shared)

  • Catherine

    I actually have been very encouraged that you say, the first five seals we could still be here. For over 30 years I have been reading the scriptures, excited about the Lord’s return in our generation and trying to allow God to guide my thoughts about the timing of the rapture. Since then I dropped the idea that we would be gone before the things Jesus talked about, suffering, betrayal, etc. I also listen to every one of the pre-trib prophesy teachers. Additionally, my parents survived the great depression and Chinese Christians survived the Communist takeover, and God faithfully provided for them in great difficulty. I prefer to hear your idea that we may be here until the 6th seal because I think it provides a way to prepare ourselves with the attitude of anticipation for His appearing, His kingdom His return, rather than the attitude of anticipation of escape.