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  • James

    getting shut down by youtube is proof you are speaking truth

    • Phil

      Amen! Time to migrate to Rumble!!

  • Kelly Jo Pearson

    We love you and are happy to get to hear you since your YT JAIL time kicked in. They’re JERKS. That’s too put it nicely!!

    • Tracey Bourke

      Always so informative, thank you for keeping us up to date. In New Zealand We hear nothing of what is happening outside our country unless it is the Narrative. The media is paid off by govt. Our freedoms and the mandates are worse every day, they have created 2 separate societies. First they took our guns then they locked up our freedoms, stopped the church from gathering and mandated almost all of society to get the jab. They are aiming for 100% control. Playing right out if the elites handbook. Thank you for bringing the biblical perspective. Billy’s hand reminding us all not to be stuck looking at one fraction but there is a much bigger picture going on. We are having law changes rushed through and Bill’s being passed quickly and quietly in the background that have a huge impact on us, and the whole press is using ‘smoke and mirrors ‘ to deflect from the big picture.
      I thank you and praise God for your updates, teachings and reminders that God is in control, and our peace comes from Him. Bless you.

  • K

    Thank you both for all of your hard work!

    • Janet A Clough

      I had two MADERMA shots ,but I will not get anymore. You two are scaring me. You said it wasn’t the mark of the beast.

  • Pam ONeal

    Love the prophecy updates. You should do more on here where you can say whatever you need to. We want to hear the whole truth without all the censorship. Excellent information. God bless you.

  • Bleustarz

    I’m sharing this with folks I know who will appreciate this podcast. Excellent and informative! Thank you for putting this together and may God richly bless you both.

  • Wendy

    I am seeing so much change here in Sydney Australia and I must say’ it is really great to gain such understanding from you guys – GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

    What these Minions are doing is just so ridiculous, and oddly enough I just sit and laugh at the media hype / scare tactics – I see what’s happening and hoping to open the eyes of others as best I can.

    Soon I will join the Jobless queue – being a non conformer but in saying that I will be out and about more-so working to open the eyes of others

    As Billy quoted the “DONT BE A PUPPET” I’m going out to break some strings!

  • Lori Ann Wait

    This was really awesome. It was nice that you didn’t have to tip toe around the topics like on YouTube.

    God bless you both. You’re both deeply appreciated.

  • Tim Britskey


  • Steve Maples

    Is there any way to put a link to messages so I can text these links to my friends?

  • Lori S

    Great program Pastors! Very informative and a lot of truths!

  • RDstyles

    Awesome program, Billy Crone is gifted by the lord, as well as you are Tom, Keep them coming.. blessing and Rapture Ready

  • Roger

    Will the decline of America be due to the rapture?

  • Kate

    Thank you Pastors! You are spot on! The whole world is a giant petrie dish. Let’s see which voop will take out which group and those who won’t get the voop, you guys, are the control group.

  • Sean

    This was some really good stuff to listen to. Just what I need to hear. I’ll listen again tomorrow while I work.

  • James Shuffelen

    I have a new take on the Rapture explanation after we are gone is that they had to round us up because we had covid so they locked us up in the FEMa camps and we all died so they cremated us. just a wild thought

  • Cameron McAndrew

    Youtube Jail. Badge of Honor

  • Tonya

    Great message guys!

    • Bill

      It’s time for us all to step up!
      Make a difference if you can.
      I tried for months to keep people at work from taking the shot. I stopped maybe one although initially I thought it was many more. Don’t be disheartened.
      Don’t be afraid!
      God didn’t choose Noah, Moses, John the Baptist because they were timid or weak.
      We were all meant to be here, at this time and place. We were chosen by God.
      A tremendous gift and a responsibility.

  • Carr

    You got your channel up and going just in time. God’s provision once again!

  • Pookie Martinez

    Good stuff

  • Brett Snyder

    Great video, Thanks Tom for having Billy.

  • Mikko Paavola

    i live in a rural area and have very slow internet service. will you be able to have your videos downloaded or with different quality? I am able to view JD Farag’s videos without all the buffering.

  • Benilde Mendez

    I saw that video last week

  • Ken

    Oh, I have been shadow banned from commenting on YT for the past month… comments all automatically deleted no matter if I even just write “Thank you”.

  • Janet

    Great video with Billy! Right on gentlemen with all your common sense and biblical comments. You need to do more on your website and rumble so you can speak the truth without censorship (say good-bye to YouTube). MARANATHA!
    May God continue to bless your ministries and families!!!

  • Steve

    Excellent presentation! So glad I checked your website today. If I don’t see you on YouTube, I know where to go! Stay strong.

    • Theodore Coughlin

      Im so glad i looked for you .i knew something was up.
      The relaxed spirit and un filtered remarks are so refreshing…should have done this a while ago…

  • Maria

    Thank you for the message. So glad you have your own server!

  • Wanda Richardson

    Love and appreciate you men of the LORD! May the God of Israel, continue to bless you all! Shalom!!

  • Kim

    that was great update, thanks and God bless you both..

  • Alicia Lujan

    That was great! I actually like the ones on your website because you can say what you want 🙂 Sharing this with family…

  • Michael Harris

    I’ve been banned for life from YouTube and I have no regrets MARANATHA MARANATHA MARANATHA

  • Rostad Eva

    Well informed

  • K-Mo

    Pastor Tom and Pastor Billy were spot on about Bill Gates. Look for the Bill Gates December 2021 reading list video on YouTube, “5 books I loved reading this year.” It’s a reading list where he is promoting with an agenda for changing humanity through Gene Manipulation, AI, Aliens…

  • Laurie Rose

    I love Billy Crone and his message!!!

    Thank you Tom as always!!

    • Alicia Lujan

      I agree Billy is great as well. I just received a notification that Billy’s Covid Update number 4 is available on his site (Getalifemedia) If you haven’t listened to them they are great. He has 4 total on Covid. 🙂

  • Dennis Cronbaugh


  • Jan Vasil

    Thats what i said too James

  • Sally Olin

    Excellent program guys. Thank you so much. I thank the Lord everyday for that fact that I found you prophecy teachers who stand up for the truth. God bless you both!

  • xander

    So is the brain chips perhaps the mark of the beast, considering that they are placed in the head and the hand?

  • John

    The last video you posted on YouTube, “This Is Scary”, was the first video of yours I’ve ever seen and it lead me here. So glad I saw it when I did or I would not be visiting here today.

  • Ximena

    Thank you for these topics. You two were amazing!

  • Brett binder

    This was outstanding. Best explanation of the mark of the beast I’ve heard.
    Can we share this to Facebook or will you/I get banned from there too?

  • Caught Up

    Great message! I always enjoy it when you two do a program together.

  • G

    Could you post a transcript? I am having terrible trouble on my apple device watching this as they’ve turned off the sound.