In this weeks Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes “It’s Worse Than We Think” we look at what they are telling us versus what they are actually doing! In the opening article of this update, note that the original article was actually from the November 1922 Monthly Weather Review and the Washington Post used some of the info. You can click on the link below and download the .pdf to find the wording from the Washington Post article starting towards the bottom left column, under “Changing Arctic.”

Articles featured in this weeks update:

The Art of War: Understanding The Ancient Strategy Used By Marxists Today

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  • Tammy Lee

    Filled out my religious exemption form today. Please pray for me and all others who are fearful of losing our jobs.

  • Pamella Wildenstein

    Gad will not forsake us.

  • Pamella Wildenstein

    Esther 4:13-14. Enduring Word “ Mordecai reminded Esther that she could not remain insulated from this decree any more than anyone else.

    Mordecai’s trust was in the faithfulness of God, not in the faithfulness of Esther. He knows that God will not let His people down, even if individuals let God down.

    Mordecai reminded Esther that though the fate of God’s people rested in God and not in her, her own fate depended on her own faithfulness to God.

    Mordecai knew that God had promoted this orphan in exile for a reason – and Esther must have the courage and wisdom to see that reason and fulfill it.

    This principle applies to us also. God promotes us or puts us in a place for a reason, and we need the courage and wisdom to see that reason and to walk in it.

    “You have been wishing for another position where you could do something for Jesus: do not wish anything of the kind, but serve him where you are.”

    “I believe that in dark times God is making lamps with which to remove the gloom. Martin Luther is sitting by his father’s hearth in the forest when the Pope is selling his wicked indulgences: he will come out soon, and stop the crowing of the cock of the Romish Christ-denying Peter. John Calvin is quietly studying when false doctrine is most rife, and he will be heard of at Geneva. A young man is here this morning – I do not know whereabouts he is, but I pray the Lord to make this to be an ordination sermon to him, starting him on his life-work. I feel as if I were Samuel at Bethlehem, seedlings for David, to anoint him with a horn of oil in the name of the Lord.” (Spurgeon)