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  • Lori Harvey

    Glad to see you share MacArthur. He is so overlooked and he’s a gem and treasure trove! Thank you.

  • Veronica

    I agree, I love how he boils down “the end times” in such a simple way, he’s right when he says you have to go to seminary to make it so complicated!

  • Jeff Flaig

    John MacArthur is a cult leader in the cult of Calvinism. He teaches a different god, Christ, and spirit “than” what the bible teaches. Calvinism uses the same words, terms and verses as true believers, but have a very different meaning to those words,terms, and verses.

    • A Christian

      Calvinism is not even close to being a cult. It is a branch of theology that you may not agree with, but no one ever got shunned or coerced for deciding not to be a Calvinist anymore. Cults are groups who insist that they are the only true believers and also don’t believe in the full divinity, humanity and resurrection of Christ. Learn a little grace for your fellow believers and you’ll be in less danger of cultish behavior yourself.

    • David Jones

      Amen,the 5 points of Tulip Calvinism cannot be right.

  • Hannetjie Wandrag

    I want to say thank A Christian. Well said. Love Dr McArthur. Preaching the whole word and nothing but the Word.
    Thank you pastor Tom for having him on. When can we have Q&A of Sunday Afternoon.

  • Viviana

    It’s a delight to hear to pastor MacArthur. He is always crystal clear when comes to interpret the simplicity but depth of God’s Word.