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  • Alan Stanley

    I was looking forward to last Sunday’s (11/10) “prophecy update” service (to appear on Hope’s YouTube channel, but nothing was posted Sunday night nor all this past week. Was it not recorded, or perhaps not posted? Thanks for all you do, Pastor Tom!

    — alan

    • Hope For Our Times

      Hey Alan, on November 10th we recorded a special message for HisChannel. There should be more information about it on HisChannel early next year!

    • John Henry

      I posted them on the HFOT Community In Christ. Enjoy they are still up

  • Ralf Mulhern

    AWESOME message on the End of times! It is truly at the door! I and my wife have been gone for a couple of years. We are back and stronger then ever! Keep educating the public Pastor Hughes! We are lifting your hands in this wilderness!
    Ralf n Karen Mulhern

  • Michelle Amiot

    On one of your YouTube messages you mentioned that the following Sunday you would talk about why America is not mentioned in the Book of Revelations. I didn’t see it anywhere. Did you already talk about it and if so how can I see it.


    thank you for telling us what is really going on in this world of our’s

  • Jim Weiland

    Where do I go to subscribe?

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