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    1 week, 5 days ago

    ☕Good🔆Morning my Friends 🌤 93F 🙏 2⃣ ✝ 4⃣ 🇺🇸

    Friday … Day 162

    Do you think America is fallen down the Tube, and headed towards Disaster?

    Then let me ask you … Are YOU daily taking this to God in prayer?

    This Life is hard … from the moment we are birthed from our mother we have been in a fight. I can think of many children that I have known as I was a child that simply did not survive to see this day.

    It’s clear that We as a Nation don’t want to believe in Lucifer, while we do believe in Spirits, Demons, and Haunted houses.

    We also don’t want to believe that God even exist, because I think, if we were to then we would have to accept that we are Sinners from birth, and need a Saviour.

    I have heard from the lips of some Liberals in office that they do not believe in “organized religion”. And we see they live this why, and I have to laugh about this … they all seem to claim when pressed that they are Catholics.

    They have no Fear of God … They at the same time are working hard to set up this Nation to be a cog in the wheel of a Socialist Global Community … and those who are actually Globalist and affiliated with Masonic organization, the Bilderbers, and other organizations including the World Bank, are all getting ready for The Man of Perdition to step in and assume the World Throne.

    All of this is happening …
    We can see it…
    We can read about it in God’s Prophecy written in His Bible.

    And then … We fail to take it to God in prayer.

    Let me ask you … what Hope do you have?
    Do you think that somehow man will realize their great mistake and rid our nation of LBGT, Abortion, Allah and After School Satan in our schools?
    Do they think that Politicians will give up on their lust for wealth and power, and return our Republic?

    Thank God my Home is not here on Earth, but in the New Jerusalem.. that Jesus has prepared for me and is coming to take me home.(john 14:3)

    I Hope that your Hope is In Christ and not the Government.
    I Hope that YOU are Rapture Ready and Looking up and Listening for Jesus Call … which could well be yet today!

    May God Bless you my Friends and prepare you for what is so very swiftly coming.

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