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    John Henry

    2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello everyone …

    It’s been several weeks now since Tom introduced this Social Media that is both linked to the Hope for our times and the 4/12 church, and they have designed this shelter for Believers world wide to come and to share.

    Tom talks about this Media sharing site in every message he gives.

    There must be thousands who listen to at least one of Tom’s ministry videos a week … and yet so few are here, and of them only a remnant even are willing to share with others.

    I wonder why?

    This place is not Twitter, it’s not Facebook, it’s not controlled by any Liberal company that wants to suppress our gathering and sharing of God’s Word. And yet … it seems most remain with those afore mentioned media forms that so openly hate them.

    It’s confusing.

    Let’s be clear .. this is where you should come, it’s better than Sunday school, it’s better than any blog, It’s a place to share and learn, to help others. As well as to keep on top of what is happening in our World in these final moments of the Age of Grace, as we await Jesus Call.

    If your not involved … JOIN US.
    Tell your Friends and Family.
    They have nothing to loose and only blessings to share, give, and get.

    May God Bless you my Friends in Christ and prepare you for what is so swiftly coming.

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    • Only our Father knows how many days we have left before our Lord comes calling but it seems to me it’s a time of edifying, sharing and supporting each other as we head toward the completion of our mission. Personally I look forward to getting to know others.