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“Jesus the Palestinian…Really?” by Olivier Melnick

Written by Olivier Melnick – Saying that Yeshua (Jesus) was one of the most controversial figures of all time is not an exaggeration. He was a revolutionary, a rebel and a rabbi. His existence is seldom put into question by anyone, even those who don’t believe in God. Another aspect of Yeshua that until recently […]

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Biden administration to restore $235m in US aid to Palestinians

BBC – US President Joe Biden’s administration plans to provide $235m (£171m) of aid to Palestinians, restoring part of the assistance cut by Donald Trump. Two-thirds will go to the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees, Unrwa, which has suffered a financial crisis since it lost $360m of US funding in 2018. Mr Biden wants to […]

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“Strange stellar signs, eerie earthly signals” By Terry James

Rapture Ready – While indicators abound that the Tribulation (Daniel’s seventieth week) is approaching upon the prophetic horizon of the near future, one area of forewarning is somewhat neglected. We’ve gone over ad infinitum matters involving the stage being set for that last seven years of unprecedented trouble. Things such as developments involving societal and […]

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Israel slams Biden’s resumption of UNRWA funding for Palestinians

The Jerusalem Post – Israel warned the Biden administration that its decision Wednesday to restore funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) would only help perpetuate the conflict. “Israel’s position is that the organization in its current form perpetuates the conflict and does not contribute to its resolution,” the […]

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Putin taunts Biden with ‘hybrid warfare’ operations; U.S. pleads for ‘refrain’ from escalation

Washington Times – Russian President Vladimir Putin has been ramping up “hybrid warfare” operations in Ukraine and the Arctic in recent weeks in an early test of President Biden’s resolve, a build-up that many see as a way for the Russian leader to score points abroad while shoring up sagging polls at home. Click here […]

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