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  • Viviana

    Pull your children out of schools I would say. Many parents in most of countries around the globe are willing to go to jail, endure persecution and even leave their own country for the sake of their children, for not being allowed to homeschool them. Why you, that are allowed in all of the states, don’t do it? Why have you delivered your children to the Estate to be educated? That is the parents jobs! You have to renew your mind regarding this issue or nothing will be different. What you build the enemy destroys it everyday at these indoctrination facilities called “schools”. Please, read “Weapons of mass Instructions” from Taylor Gatto to find out what schools have made to your own peoples de to your country. Wherein the Bible says that christian parents are allowed to delegate education to the world? Is not the world the one that says was given to Satan? Is not the “world lies under the sway of the wicked one?” Wake up!