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  • Michael Harris

    I’m praying for you Australia may the Lord bless you and keep you He will one day make it FIGHT keep the Faith

  • Claudia

    I too am praying for you Australia, and may you come to know the Good Lord Jesus Christ and to put your faith and trust in Him, and not in man, because He alone can truly set us free and give us eternal life!
    “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

  • Brenda

    Please pray for us in Australia. I live in Melbourne. I watch Tom Hughes all the time. We are definitely in end times. I pray we get raptured soon. Come Lord Jesus

  • amanda lyman

    Thank you so much to the world around us for praying for us, I live in Victoria Australia we have a dictator as a premier. All I can say is Lord please come soon, I watch Tom Hughes, pastor Jack Hibbs, Jan Markell, JD Farag, Barry Stagner and everyone associated with these wonderful people. If not for their wonderful teaching I don’t know how I would have got through the last nearly 2 years. God bless you all see you all at the marriage supper of the lamb.

  • Ronny Bachman

    The dragon used his tail to take 1/3 of all the stars out of the sky and cast them down to earth.

    Who is this dragon? He is the beast. Who is the beast? Science worship. Who were the fallen stars? Corrupted medical doctors.

    1/3 of all medical doctors have completely corrupted themselves by actively and willingly forcing the jab. Doctors used to be like stars in heaven. Now, 1/3 of them worship the beast and go out of their way to force medical science into everyones life. These corrupt doctors will be thrown into hell for the crimes they committed against humanity by way of the jab.

    Australia and the entire world must repent from science worship. Never see your medical doctor ever again. Doing so empowers the beast.

    The end has come. No longer are people a human. They have all taken the mark of the beast. What is the mark? Corona-virus. God has decieved the world to believe corona-virus exists. Corona-virus does not exist. God Jesus decieves us to teach us not to worship science.