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    Hi Brother Tom, I enjoy your shows and what you do for Christ. Some powerful men of God in CA including Jack Hibbs, Dr. David Jeremiah, and others. I just wanted to say that the “Omikron: The Nomad Soul” rumor tied to Bill Gates does not have evidence of Gates claiming ownership or direct investment.

    I found the Prince Charles speech very telling. At 2:50 minutes inward, prince Charles mentions a man of great power, respected by leaders and greater than them all, but Charles does not give a name for he is a mystery, and not yet to be revealed to the world. This is preparing the way for him to step upon the world stage in the future. Very little doubt that “he” will be the anti-Christ! What is odd, is the mention of military for the anti-Christ will go all out on weapons and military spending, his initial rise is more about an economic genius and charismatic leader unlike any ever!

    Yeah, this was no accident or wild rogue prince Charles mistake for he is a coward. No, it was deliberate as it was written into his speech and read from it. Much like Bush Sr. dropped the first confirmation of the conspiracy of the new world order in the early 1990’s, to make a statement – the new world order is not a conspiracy for it is real just as the anti-Christ. Once of the political witches in Australia spilled the beans with a Freudian slip – alluding these orders are to benefit the new world order. It is crazy, but the evidence is there straight from the mouths of those loyal to the evil one!

    All I can say is we have never been closer to the anti-Christ and his new world order, and I don’t think there is much time left. I’ve told my teenagers to get married as soon as they find the right Christian girl for the time is short!

    Lawlessness on the rise in the US and worldwide as evil rules America right from the top! While Trump was no saint, the difference between Trump and Biden is who are their influencers. As a believer in Jesus Christ and tuned into His Holy Spirit, it became obvious to me that Trump was being used by God for America’s betterment. In 2020, I believed it was to help expose the corruption in DC and purge the swamp in a 2nd term, and awaken people to the evil they embraced so they might repent and change, Trump was holding off Satan and the anti-Christ for 4 years while Hillary would have helped escalate it faster. What I know now, is God wants Trump out of the equation and to turn us over to the evil and lawlessness we embrace as a nation. Very much like the prodigal son. God does this as it will cause many to awaken in the pain and suffering that is to come to many!

    Biden is influenced by Satan and God is turning us over to the evil too many have supported or tolerated as a people for decades! This apathy and acceptance must change and it must be the Church that changes.

    I believe CA is critical. There needs to be reformation, revival and then, an awakening of the ungodly. I would hope and pray God’s Spirit confirms this with you. I pray in your area of CA there would be a mobilization of grassroots CA men of God to rise up in evangelizing and bringing revival to Northern CA – the capitol of evil and downward. In Northern CA, I know Mario Marillo is working Billy Graham like tent crusades. Jessie Parker at Saturate Global is working crusades. There is Greg Laurie that has always had an event at Anaheim stadium except for 2020.

    I believe what we are seeing today is a shadow or precursor to the tribulation time but not as bad for that time is not yet. I believe this decade is a precursor that will model the tribulation period as God reaches out in His great goodness and everlasting mercy to save as many as He can from this period of great deception as Jesus warned 3 times in Matthew 24. The deception will be even greater when the anti-Christ is revealed. Hard to imagine more deception than now, but the world will believe the great lie of the anti-Christ to dwarf Darwin’s great lie. I also believe there will be a Acts 2:17-21 like precursor leading to the 3rd and greatest awakening for the times of the Gentiles. I suspect just like the tribulation, it will culminate with the Jesus coming down for His Bride in the air for the rapture. Afterwards, this is when I suspect America will likely be judged by God’s wrath for all it’s evil when no godly remain on it’s soil.

    I suspect God may be modeling this time of America’s destruction to rhyme with 2 Kings 20:1-7 extending America’s destruction until after the rapture, and saving America from the evil ones trying to bring our destruction sooner.

    The best time to be alive and know Jesus and God’s Word and Prophecy!