Written by MonkeyWerxA many of you know, I have been talking about the flights coming and going across our border since around early August 2021. We have seen at least three waves of Afghanis come into our country (only one being reported), a sea of Haitians, and a relentless flood of Hispanics from Central and South America.

During this time two things have stood out:

First and foremost, the use of military installations. This practice has been done once before in the United States during World War 2 when the US Government detained or interned immigrants on roughly 17 military bases where they kept Japanese, Italian, and German Americans. The rationale during that time was to ensure we did not have enemy combatants living among us. To my knowledge, none of this was ever the equivalent to the Nazi Concentration Camps in Germany, however, the fact we had them is remarkable. Now we weren’t executing the masses and these locations closed shortly after the war ended, but it is important to note that both the United States and Nazi Germany opened the camps for the purpose of immigration.

By the end of the fiscal year 2007, the United States maintained the largest undocumented immigration detention camp infrastructure in the world, which included 961 sites either directly owned by or under contract with the federal government, according to the Freedom of Information Act Office of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). A majority of which are prisons and NOT military installations. However, the key takeaway here is that these locations are operated under the Department of Homeland Security (Note: ICE rolls up into that org structure). This will become an important datapoint shortly.

The current count is approximately 27 Military Bases (10 higher than the WW2 levels) and 100 detention camps, with the balance falling into the prison category. I think you are starting to get the picture.

Secondly, there seems to be a large number of deportation flights which originally made very little sense. One minute we are allowing nearly 2 million people into our country and standing up immigration camps, the next they are quietly sending them out of the country and or rehoming them into our communities. However, they are not taking down the camp locations. This would indicate an intent to repurpose them which brings me to my next topic.

Remember, the Department of Homeland Security was stood up after 9/11 by GW Bush in an effort to thwart terrorism under the Patriot Act. As I have shown you in the SITREPs, we are under constant surveillance via aircraft and social media apps created by the DoD (DARPA). Wikileaks actually confirmed this observation via this truncated intel drop:


3.4 Deterrence Operations JOC

“The Joint Force Commander supported by the national intelligence community must identify and profile adversary decisions…… The ultimate goal of this information collection and analysis is to develop actor specific analyses of adversary decision making that describe an adversary’s values, culture, decision calculus, risk propensity, and capacity for situational awareness….the Army can support interagency cooperation through a collaborative environment that incorporates intelligence community, diplomatic law enforcement, armed service, and multinational inputs to achieve true global situational awareness for strategic deterrence. “ That’s right folks, they are spying on us – big-time.

This is where things begin to get interesting and where I believe the repurposing of the camps comes into play. In 2018 then President Trump signed Executive Order 13841 that limited the Department of Homeland Security’s immigration policy. However, on February 2, 2021, one of the first things Flashbang Biden did was revoke that Executive Order, ultimately gas-lighting the funding for DHS to stand up as many immigration locations needed to support the detainment of immigrants. I believe they are using the military installations because they are not bound by the State in which the base resides. The general public also cannot see what is taking place on the installation.

It doesn’t end there. In recent SITREPs as well as my Monkey Minutes I have talked about the fact that Biden keeps frequently referring to the term “Dark Winter”. Just like Event 201 for the Corona Virus (aka COVID) held by John Hopkins University prior to the event, Dark Winter was a scenario-based event that modeled what would happen should smallpox re-emerge in today’s highly mobilized society. The outcome was bleak. As if the study wasn’t enough, the Department of Health and Human Services pushed out two proposals requesting 280 million doses of Smallpox antiviral vaccinations – mind you that number is far less than the current US Population of 340 million.

These solicitations would confirm that the US Government indeed sees smallpox as a real threat. Note the due date on the second inquiry – December 14, 2021. To further confirm this, you might remember they recently had a scare outside of Philadelphia at one of the bio-labs in which they found vials of smallpox. They later said it was a non-issue, but we continued to watch the sniffer helo run routes over that region for weeks which would indicate they were indeed worried about “something”.

This solicitation would combine the three topics we just discussed: camp containment, identification of, and the data collection relative to bad actors, and the introduction of a mass fatality event. Note the due date – December 14, 2021 – is the same as the previous smallpox solicitation. Let’s walk through the list of topics.

  1. Automated AI Alerts and Monitoring – eg Contact Track and Trace

  2. Rapidly Deployed Countermeasures – a perimeter lockdown – think CDC Green Zone plan – home, neighborhood, camps

  3. Realtime Detection MicroElectronics – think chip implant or a mark/tracker

  4. Push to Talk – Unified Comms Platform

  5. Agent agnostic detection of biological hazards – with the chip implant, the ability to tell if you have been infected or exposed

  6. Airport Checkpoints – new scanners that read the implant – if you aren’t marked or if you show as exposed, off you go to the camps

  7. Mass fatality tracking system – the implant you have will let them know your vitals

  8. Next-Gen Spectroscopic personal radiation detectors – for the purpose of intercepting illicit radioactive materials – this be to monitor exposure or to notify if someone is trying to find and remove their device

  9. Field forward diagnostics – the ability to monitor your vitals and information remotely

  10. Wearable detector for aerosolized chemical threats – if you mess with your implant or mark, the authorities will be notified

  11. Low-cost detection and diagnostics – if you are exposed to anything, there is a diagnostic profile pre-established that will notify them of your exposure

My gut tells me these camps are being stood up under the pretense of immigration, just like they did in WW2, and the sheeple aren’t even paying attention as they quietly vacate these camps and get them ready for us. Their intent will be to round up the political dissidents just like Hitler did in 1938 (thus the surveillance we see today) and plug us into these camps for termination. Smallpox will be released (my guess Winter 2022) to lean out the world population and only the elect will have been vaccinated for it. That is why there are only 280 million doses being procured… not just for the United States, but for the entire world. That may seem like a massive depopulation agenda, but look at The Great Reset, Vision 2030 or listen to Bill Gates and crew and their goal is to thin the herd.

Next, they will use the technology described above to track those that remain. In other words, if you don’t have this implant/chip/mark, you cannot function in the world. My guess is that whatever it is they come up with, it will eventually be tied to an image of someone or something.

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  • Corina

    Fantastic article that makes perfect sense of what to expect in the coming year. God be with you and bless you.