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  • Joy

    Hello Tom.

    You questioned about the times of Noah, marriage and giving away in marriage. This talks about how fallen angels took wives of men and created the nephilim. This prophesy has also came true in recent days. The vax is the process of this event. The vax is gene therapy, created by pharma, given to people; the son of satin attempts to mate with people to change their genetic heritage. This is the closest satin has ever gotten to create spawn in the entire world.

    Fear not. Jesus has already made us born again and nothing can corrupt us.

    Love, Joy

  • Joy

    People of earth make love to pharma. People of heaven love Jesus. You have a choic to love pharma to cure corona-virus, or to love Jesus to cure corona-virus. If you choose Jesus, pray and fast, both in secret, to end the madness of corona-virus. Only God Jesus can cure the world wide, mental illness, this infection of satin, more than a virus, possessed by the devil.

    Pray and fast, secretly, as Jesus taught us on how to cure being possessed by the devil.

  • irie

    in 2019 to 2020 was the year of the rat – i saw the world was in dantes inferno

    2022 the world will be in the truman report

  • irie

    animal farm was 2018 thru 2019

  • Jlncrdf

    Pastors Tom & James,
    Love the show, been watching for a while now. I know you guys are having a blast with our government and its regime…seeing the 10 kings and kingdoms. And how all of the puzzle pieces are coming together just like The Bible describes, however; there are signs “In the skies and on the land” that need to be discussed as well. Humans aren’t afraid of other humans, such as the government and the Antichrist, but put a tornado or earthquake in the mix and suddenly everyone pays attention. The other side of Revelation are the signs in the heavens and on Earth. Earthquakes, Volcanos, Meteors, Typhoons, Tsunamis, all these things have severely increased over the past two years. People need to realize that these are signs as well…and that they are increasing in range and size. Revelation 6:12, 8-12, Mat 24:7,28 Mark 13:8, 24-26, Luke 21:11,21-26.

    God Bless you both…keep up the good fight!
    Pastor Julie