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  • Aulii

    I could have taken Billy Crone’s response to the lady who asked a question about taking the vaccine so they can keep ministering out of context but he said God doesn’t reward disobedience or half obedience. I took his response as taking the vaccine is being disobedient and it sounded like he was condemning her or any Christian for that matter for taking the vaccine. We know this vaccine is not the mark of the beast where in the Bible does it say taking a vaccine (other than the mark) is a sin? I have not nor do I plan on taking this vaccine and I am a faithful believer but I feel his response was out of line. He was there to teach not condemn. Our God is loving, merciful, and forgiving and its up to each Christian whether or not to take this vaccine. Now more than ever we should be loving one another and if we as Christians are putting others down for taking the vaccine we are doing exactly what the enemy wants which is to destroy us. God is love we should perpetuate just that.

    • Bunny

      I took it that he was speaking directly about compromise, not the actual jab itself. Compromise or partial obedience or disobedience when you do something/anything because you are not trusting the Lord. He answered and then he elaborated. I have listened to Billy for a long time and especially through all of this deception, and I have never heard him say one time that this is a salvation issue or even a sin. I heard what he said just as you did, but I feel maybe you might have misunderstood his intent. Just my 2 cents.

    • margret

      I personally did not take his response that way. What I got from it is that compromise itself is sin, not taking the shot. If you compromise to continue on with as much of a normal life as possible, you are not placing your faith in God and anything that is not of faith is sin. Perhaps I am giving him too much leniency, but that is how I heard his response. Not that getting the shot is sinful. All 3 of these pastors are against is for various reasons and all 3 have said they do not condemn anybody who does.

    • MSB

      This might help. I am typing from the notes I took of the Q and A.
      The lady asked: Is there a point we take the vax to continue in ministry?

      Pastor Billy responded: What type of ministry will you have if you are dead or injured? Compromise is never blessed by God. 1/2 obedience is still disobedience. He cited King Saul as an example of trying to compromise with God. Saul had very strict orders from God, and he didn’t do them and he tried to rationalize his disobedience. And he lost it all… by compromising.
      He continued:
      *I don’t know how we can compromise as christians knowing the vaccine contains ingredients that are not only basically playing russian roulette (basically flirting with suicide. which is not an option for a Christian), but can have debilitating effects. How will you minister then if you are dead or severely injured?
      *The MRNA – basically man made computer code – to alter your computer code – your DNA. Why would you go along with something that alters God’s design when we are created in His image?
      *It’s made with murdered baby body parts.

      Maybe you are going to lose your job. But God blesses obedience. He will make a way when there seems no way. But he will never bless compromise – Ever!

      I believe it was Pastor Brandon who went on to quote 1 Corinthians 10, He provides a way of escape – the way of escape may not be at the economic level you were used to. (ie: Israel at the red sea – but they left Egypt and went where? To the wilderness (harsh conditions) But what did they have? They were free!
      God is faithful! Get convenience christianity out of your head!

      End of conference notes:
      If we see a fellow brother or sister heading down a bad path we are called to speak to them about it, we are called to hold one other accountable. People read food labels, yet won’t do any research of this “vaccine”. Are we not to be accountable in all areas? Sure we are. Maybe it’s lacking faith that God will provide, maybe this is a test for many. Maybe they are scared. God provides immunity. And if covid is meant to be the way a Christian goes out to be with the Lord. Why is there fear of that? So many “pastors” out there are pushing that folks need to get this vax. Yet how can a pastor say that, when as Pastor Billy put it – baby body parts are used in the making or testing? It seems we are seeing a great separation – who is only luke warm and has convenience faith as Pastor Brandon talks about. But when the rubber meets the road a lot of people are showing by way of actions and deeds that they only have “faith” when things are easy and good.

  • Debra Wilson

    What do we say to those who, out of ignorance, took the vaccine? I think we need to emphasize the fact that God makes provision for those who have, in ignorance, were vaccinates. I think we must be very Spirit led in gently stating the truth about the vaccine without being condemnatory or judgmental.

  • Mark Thomas

    G’day from Australia Tom and family, thank you for putting up the videos for the latest conference. I really appreciate it as it can sometimes be difficult to access this sort of information online. God bless all of you and even so,come Lord Jesus.

  • MSB

    Thank you Pastor Tom, Pastor Brandon and Pastor Billy! Three great teachers! Pastor Billy your response to the lady who asked that question was exactly what many of us needed to hear. Thank you sir for always being true to God’s word!