Hope For Our Times hosted a Prophecy Conference at 412 Church San Jacinto on Sunday, September 26! This conference was from 8:30am7:00 pm Pacific and featured the following speakers:

  • Tom Hughes
  • Billy Crone
  • Brandon Holthaus

The REPLAY of this event is available here on HopeForOurTimes.com!

Click here to watch all 6 sessions of the September 26th Conference.


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  • Jeffrey Nerhood

    Looking forward to this!!!

    We will be there!!

    • Hope For Our Times

      Great to hear Jeffrey! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

      • Rhonda Creech

        I can’t come in person but would definitely pay to see this online!! I can’t wait!!!
        Thank you!!

    • Jaime Peralez

      I was at the Behold He Cometh Conference in Chino Hills this past 9/11 with Jan Markel and Jack Hibbs. It was so enlightening and such a blessing to be with so many likeminded brothers and sisters in the lord.
      I wish I could go to this one too but Im sure this momentum that is building towards prophetic issues will bring even more conferences all over California

  • Terri

    This sounds great if we’re still on this earth! Will there be a cost?

    • Hope For Our Times

      The Conference will be free to attend in person! We’re still working out the details for streaming the event, but we should have more information soon!

      • Kassie

        Great cuz I am in Texas and really want to hear everything

  • Evelyn Rieth

    I look forward to seeing my 3 favorite prophecy experts and pastors.

    • Kenneth Noltensmeyer

      My wife and I are unable to personally attend but will gladly pay for Dvd, streaming, whatever you can work out.
      So much appreciate your efforts to reach out with these conferences. May God richly bless everyone who can hear the messages each of you share. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • Sue & Gary

      See ya that day.. be nice to catch up with old friends!! Miss ya’ll!!

    • Todd Parker

      Was unable to catch the live stream. Will the afternoon/evening messages be posted here on the website for viewing?

  • sam flores

    May God richly bless this event.

    • David

      We are trying to drive down from PNW!

      • Sharenda Ward

        Will there be a play back!

  • Maria Ramos

    Yes, please keep us informed. I can’t attened in person but I can on line… Ill be praying for You all…

  • Rayna Pinkerton

    Waiting to hear details for streaming this event. If it isn’t streamed, I will be there in person. All three of you are my go-to-prophecy teachers. So much news I can’t keep up with it all so I rely on you.

  • Arizona Joe

    HI Pastor Tom, I just signed up to HOFT. This is my go-to place for prophesy! Hi to Pastor Steve for me, and please thank him for me for the book recommendations on end-times prophesy! Tell him “Arizona Joe”

  • Stephanie Jorgensen

    Can’t wait to hear online details as we live in Idaho

    • Agnesia van Zyl

      I live in South Africa and appreciate if it could be live streamed. I really learned so much from your ministry I followed you for the last year and I am growing spiritual. Thanks for al your teachings

  • Christine Alder

    Looking forward to attending my very first prophecy conference and am eagerly awaiting more info regarding attending. I feel it is time for me to start attending these conferences in person whenever possible.

  • Gary Perlin

    We’ll be there. Can’t wait—my wife and I watch all your videos. Crazy times we live in.

  • Beverly Hines

    Live in Wisconsin, livestream is my only option for this one but totally looking forward to meeting Pastor Tom H at the Oct 1/2 Israel & Bible Prophecy Conference here in Wisconsin… Thank you for coming out here !!!

  • Cheri Baldwin

    I live in North Dakota and unable to get to the conference in person. Hoping to attend on-line. Thank you for all your wise and educated teachings and appreciate all the time that goes into offering online streaming.

  • Jan Smith

    Please try to post the speakers after the event here on the website, for those of us who live far away! Can’t wait to hear you all…..if we are still here & our Lord tarries.

  • Debra Hurtado

    I AM DEFINITELY INTERESTED, PUT ME DOWN. I haven’t seen Pastor Hughes for a long while. He used to pastor our Single’s Group at Harvest, and I was actually BAPTISED BY HIM AT Cal-Baptist University. And Billy Crone is one of my favorite prophecy persons!! HOPE TO BE THERE!

  • Cheryl Ann

    Please make available to stream or watch later. I am a faithful follower of these wonderful pastors and would love to hear them teach. Thank you!

  • Marareth

    I hope we can stream it, I live in Boston there are NEVER any Christian events here. I wish pastor JD Farag would speak too.

  • Phyllis K. McRary

    Pastor Tom I pray you will be able to stream the conference. I live in Lenoir, N.C. &nhave health issues so impossible to attend in person. I watch your church services & all your updates.Your teaching & Brandon’s, Billy’s & J. D. Farag has so kept me informed. I would love for Pastor Farag to be speaking also.
    Looking so forward to the conference please live stream.

  • Kim S.

    We would love to stream this event up in South Lake Tahoe! Please update the website with info on if this will be available!
    Thanks so much for keeping us informed

  • Albert McKay

    I enjoy watching your videos and the pastors speak on your videos. I would like to see the live stream go on for this conference that would be awesome! It all depends if we are still here on that date God bless you all!

  • Amanda

    Hoping to watch here in Australia 🙂

  • Maria Fouche

    I would love to see the livestream as I’m residing in South-Africa, thank you for your teachings, we dont get it here where I stay and it does help spiritually. God Bless.

  • Donna Rude

    Thanks for availability to stream… I see the link above, can’t wait!

  • Raymond Solberg

    I am a pastor in the midwest…. we want to live-stream this event. Can I get a schedule please so I can plan the day. We are two hours ahead of you. Also, I take it we can find the stream at this web address? Thank you!

  • Join the Redeemed

    Bless this event!

  • Janice M Stefher

    Pastor Tom – cannot be there in person, but will be watching on live streaming. My friends in Christ will also be watching and
    the Pastor of our Church said he would not miss it only for the Rapture. Pastors Billy and Brandon are also two of my favorites along with you. Looking forward to Sunday. Keep up proclaiming the truth of God’s holy scriptures.

  • Ingrid Verbiese

    Hi I hope the conference will be archived on the website to watch later. I live in Belgium.My time zone is 9 hrs ahead of you. My favorite Bible Prophecy teachers, I do not want to miss their messages. Thank you and God bless

  • Patricia N Ridilla

    The Conference September 26, 2021 from 8:30am to 7pm is that Pacific Time? Thank You!

    • Hope For Our Times

      Yes, the Conference is Pacific time!

  • Jaime

    Live in Phoenix, can’t wait. Will be watching. Thank you so much for all you do Pastor Tom.

  • Kate

    Looking forward to watching online. We live in Kentucky. We left San Diego, California in September 2018. Way too liberal and also couldn’t afford to buy a house after selling my condo.
    We always watch your videos and try to catch your sermons. Very excited!! We love Pastor Brandon and Billy Crone!!!

  • Kate

    I didn’t mention you specifically by name, but was directing this comment to you, Pastor Tom!!!

  • Patricia N Ridilla

    Good Morning…I’m watching the conference off YouTube right now. Will the afternoon sessions be livestreamed from Hope For Our Times website? Because there is no livestream from Hope For Our Times for the morning sessions. Will this be fixed for the afternoon? Thank You!

  • Donald Gravett

    Is there a schedule? Cant find anything

  • Valerie

    Wondering why the 2:30 session is not here on the HfoT website?

    • Peggy

      2:30 was a barbecue not a teaching session. The first afternoon session started at 4.

  • Arva

    Where can I find a replay of the conference?

  • Moira Wood

    Hi. I live in England. I saw session 1 and 2 on YouTube this evening and just caught the end of the Q&A here. They were both amazing. I have just finished watching at 3.30AM ☺️
    Will the other sessions be available later?

    Also you sometimes speak about Sunday services which are not on YouTube. How com I watch these?
    I have been working my way through the messages and chats with James that come on my subscription feed and I have also found them here, but not the uncensored ones.

  • Peggy

    Please be sure and post these evening sessions online for later viewing!!

  • Tracy Crow

    Was wondering, for thoose of us who could not watch the conference for what ever reason, will you please up load it ? Would love to be able to watch and hoping to not get kicked off again LOL GOD Bless You Pastor Tom

  • Bev

    Are the final videos going to be posted here? I am an early to bed east coast person. I knew I couldn’t catch the evening sessions live, but I really hoped to see them on the website this morning!

  • Catrina Hoatland

    Hoping the evening sessions will be available to watch here! I’ve been so looking forward to listening but could not attend the live stream. PLEASE post them here for all of us hungry for more hope!

  • Cindy Gould

    The subjects covered during this conference was what the whole world needs to hear. Can it be shared? I have not found the option for that yet. Also, can the studies and stats that were shared during the conference be downloaded for sharing just that information for those that are government followers/sheep? I have many sceptics in my circle who don’t want to listen to truth but may look at “facts”.