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  • Jerry McCorkle

    This is a what if kind of a comment.
    If the the first seal is the antichrist who is bringing a false peace to the earth.
    It says that the second rider takes peace from the earth. In order to take peace there must be peace to start with. Therefore we see a conflict between these two riders.
    It says that the second rider is another horse and that they kill one another. What if this is not so much the people of the world but the second horseman is actually at war with the first horseman and they kill one another. This would give insight to the Beast who has the deadly wound and then is healed in Rev.13.
    What if the second horseman is China. They will not submit to a one world leader unless it is them. So they go to war with the Antichrist and kill each other. This could be why we don’t see China as big player in the tribulation period. They try to be but are destroyed by the Antichrist and his armies.
    This death of the antichrist and being resurrected back to life would also give insight to the lie that God sends strong delusion to the world for in 2Th.2.