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  • StarB78

    This video with Pastor Crone was unfortunate from the start, as he promulgated the hellish, pornographic false doctrine of disembodied spirits being able to “mate” with human females to produce “Nephilim” (which means ‘giant’ people.)

    God made humans, male and female, with earthy (non-celestial) bodies. Only humans can mate and produce offspring.
    Fallen angels have No human bodies, no human sex organs, no human sex hormones. They also have No physical bodies. We can note from Scripture that they must possess/inhabit existing human bodies.

    What Genesis 6 tells us is—if we look at the original Hebrew—that “sons of God” are humans from Seth’s lineage who corrupted themselves by inter marriage of women from Cain’s.

    When this “hybrid human” nonsense is “taught” you get immature Christians thinking that the Covid vaccine “makes people non-human so God can’t save them.” This idiocy makes Christians a laughing stock.

    Being fully human is the crux of the problem in the first place: from Adam’s sin the human race was corrupted, with a sort of defective operating system—a sin nature. That needs to be fixed. By a Savior, who took all judgement for sin on Himself, and Who gives His followers His Holy Soirit (new sinless nature).

    It is a wonder that Crone and his ilk (Holthaus, et al) cannot figure out this Scriptural truth. Repentance is required.