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  • robyn neill

    Tom please pray for me and my family.

  • George D Flowers

    hold fast as your “redemption draws nigh” just talked with my nurse I had a surgery to get done she was excited to talk about this. GOD is Good All the time, everyday we talked about your church and Pastor James church about the studies and she was blown away she said that that was so exciting talk about it please pray that she receives Jesus if she hasn’t

  • Brian Sawyers

    Hi Tom,

    It’s fascinating to see how prevalent the number seven has become: moving the global summit from 2030 to 2023 (difference of seven years), and, even sillier, adding up the numbers of the date 2023 equals seven. On it goes. The number was considered luck by gamblers and now it appears to point closer to the Tribulation (again, seven years). God continue to bless your ministry! And, keep looking up!


  • Cyndee


    I’m looking at Revelation 17:12 where it says “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet.” I’ve been wondering if these 10 kings might not be entities that ‘own the world’ in a sense but don’t own any lands. Back in John’s era all kings physically owned land but he was describing a strange future that had no visible structure in his time. Could the 10 kings of Revelation be the following kings?

    1. Blackrock & other big Investment Firms
    2. Facebook & other Social Media
    3. Google
    4. Amazon
    5. United Nations
    6. World Economic Forum
    7. International Monetary Fund
    8. World Health Organization
    9. Pope
    10. Main Stream Media, World Wide News Broadcasting, Newspapers, Magazines

    All these kings ‘own the world’, ‘control the world’ but don’t own any specific land, country or territory as of yet. Certainly we are all pawns to these entities with little chance of fighting them on our own besides the help of God! I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic. I have already learned so much from watching your videos – Thank you!!