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  • irie

    happy new year

  • Thomas Doolittle

    I understand and appreciate your opinion. I used to believe that too. I accepted Christ at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in the middle 70’s, and sat under Pastor Chuck’s teaching for a number of years. I read a book by George Elden Ladd titled “The Blessed Hope”, and I began to prayerfully compare the different views to scripture. I now believe the scriptures do not teach the pre-tribulation escape. I prefer to be prepared spiritually to stand if I face the any kind of persecution, like millions of our brothers and sisters in Christ are already facing in the Middle East, Africa, China, and now beginning to face in milder ways in the west. I am only suggesting to be open minded and pray for continuing wisdom. I still do.

    • Bruce

      good luck. I’ll stick with what scripture actually says, not your “feelings”

      • Thomas Doolittle

        I understand. Please note I didn’t describe or mention feelings, but prayerful study of God’s word.