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  • Daneil Hoover

    thanks for the updates!

  • C Boyer

    As for “they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men”: it’s best to learn what old-time scholars like Tozer, Anderson, Van Impe, etc. say about this because they were not sensationalists but grounded in Scripture and taught by the Holy Spirit, not trying to drum up their donations by appealing to folks with itchy ears. The phrase means humans will reproduce with humans.
    I often need to illustrate on an actual graphic on an actual piece of paper entitled THE BIRDS AND BEES FOR ADULTS WHO JUST CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT—and who foolishly believe that disembodied spirits can “mingle” with humans, a picture of a human male, next to a picture of a human female, next to an invisible entity with no bodily form whatsoever which depicts a disembodied spirit (which is what fallen angels are). THEN, because they still don’t get it, I list below the human male and female the components of their physical sexual reproductive systems and organs, while leaving Totally Blank the non-existent systems and organs of disembodied spirits who don’t even have physical bodies, much less any reproductive organs, in hopes that humans who cannot seem to use the brain God gave them to figure out even the most simple, obvious things.

  • Dora

    Very interesting, thanks and God bless your ministry…