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  • Joy

    The rapture occured in March 2020, taking only one person, The Holy Spirit. I was very angry with Jesus that he abandoned me. He taught me that a true bride would be angry at her bridegroom if He leaves Her. Jesus left all of us here to minister upon the wicked. Jesus was not taken before the wrath of God condemned Him to the cross; why would His bride be different?

    The seals have been here since Adam sinned. We can witness them. Seal one is man’s government; Seal two is economic chaos; seal three is war; seal four us hell and death; seal five is persecution; seal six is earth’s chaos; seal seven is Jesus being quiet.

    Jesus breaks these seals. He destroys them.

    The wrath of God does not start until the bowls are poured out. We have not witnessed this.

    The trumpets are seven raptures of the entire world, all living creatures. It will happen seven times. Seven raptures will occur to prevent anyone to experience the bowls.

    Only two people will not be raptured. You call them the Antichrist and False Prophet. Who they are is not known yet.