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  • Daneil Hoover

    praise Jesus and thanks for all you do! love ya

  • galen jones

    Love ya brother Tom hughes and your outstanding prophetic holy spirit fulfilled ministry our family prayers don’t miss your videos

  • Adam Pike

    I appreciate everything yall do, God Bless you all and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Robert Becker

    God bless you and your family brother Tom!!! You and James are keeping my faith and hope in Jesus soon return exciting and helping millions have hope in His SOON RETURN!!!

  • Moe Altamuro

    I pray the good LORD continue’s to protect you and your family and staff. (Isaiah54:17)”AMEN&AMEN” Also that the good LORD continues to Bless all you do in the Mighty name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth “AMEN&AMEN” Thank you for all you do. Your brother in CHRIST JESUS moe ✌️❤️☝️✝️”MARANATHA”

  • Pamela Gay Morse

    thank you

  • Michael E Stetzer

    Appreciate your videos.

  • Judy Tworoger

    I’m so glad you have your own server where your voice isn’t censored . Now you can tell us in more depth what’s on your mind. I know many time’s you’ve stopped talking about certain people or things, because you didn’t want to be censored. I look forward to your teachings each week, because they are always on point about what is really happening around the world.

  • C Boyer

    Excellent update pastor Tom! Especially neat that you urge people to read their Bibles and look into things that Scripture says about these end times.

  • Pamella Wildenstein

    JUDGES 7:22. The Battle Belongs to You Lord

    The first phase of the battle wasn’t between Israel and Midian, but as the Midianites fought themselves. This is a good example of how we can be more than conquerors through Him who loved us , Romans 8:37. We get the spoils of victory though Jesus won the battle for us.

    The spiritual meanings in this story he made the 300 men types of preachers of the gospel. Their trumpets were a picture of preaching Christ crucified. Their torchlights represented the holy conduct of the preachers.


    My daily prayer is, “COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS”.
    I do feel (although TRUE LIFE is not based on “feeling”), that we (christians) are going to go through a lot more BEFORE rapture. I am not troubled or afraid bcz GOD IS IN CONTROL of all of this and HE is in the saving business. I think we haven’t seen NOTHING YET. GOD is aligning this world to HIS agenda and not vise versa.
    These are TIMES that is PREPARING HIS Church and WARNING the world. If we think these times are fearful, crazy and chaotic, well the world has not even seen anything yet as to when the RAPTURE happens and the days, months and years that follow. This earth will be NOTHING like it is now. These “elites” are going to win: NWO/GREAT RESET is just around the corner. THE RAPTURE is the key domino that will UNLOCK everything else. Maranatha from HI