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  • Kathie Miller

    I am so thankful for the calling the Lord God has on your life and for your faithfulness to Him and your family in Christ! You are one of my Pastors and I always look forward to what you will impart! Thank you and your wife

  • C Boyer

    The Lord sure knows how to pick the best pastors! Great job as always on the prophecy update Pastor Tom!

  • K Dempsey

    Thank you for connecting the dots!

  • Linda McKendry

    Thank you for the Good News of the Glory of the Gospel in the light of what we are facing today and in the near future.
    We have to remember ALL of the verse that says “we overcome by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony… AND
    LOVE NOT OUR LIVES UNTO DEATH…. But I’m also standing on Jesus’ words in Matther 24:13…. “He that endures to the end
    shall be saved.” God bless… from a Canadian.