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  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for informing us.

  • Lori Heady

    So glad you launched your website! I’m sure you know You tube took this video down.
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I’m thankful for men like yourself,James, Amir etc.

    • Kimberly

      I listen to your broadcasts every Wednesday. You have the very pulsebeat of how everything is coming g together! Looking up as I continue to spread God’s Word! We are a remnant! I am always encouraged by your Updates! Lord come quickly!

  • Alicia Noda

    This video was removed from YT.

  • Brett binder

    They removed your latest message from YouTube.

  • Jerry douglas

    You must have hit a nerve with the satanic you tube on your last video. That’s great news, it means your over the target. God bless you Tom. One more thing, the unbelievers can only repent of their unbelief 1 cor 15:1-4

  • Kathy Collins

    I cannot tell you how much I look forward to these videos. Thankyou so much. QUESTION: I am a follower of Christ, born again. As I learn more & more about the virus, the vax, & prophecy I go back & forth on whether or not to take the vax simply for keeping my job. If it ever came to the point of being sent to some “camp” for non compliance, I will take it – unless it will cause me to take the mark (666). How much of all these mandates, “conditioning” & compromises that we make will it have when the Rapture comes? Could taking the vax (in essence not trusting God or being “purified” enough) cause us to miss out on the Rapture? My husband (not sure of his salvation) is disabled & totally dependent on me. So I have to consider him in all decisions I make about everything. I will be listening on the videos in hopes you answer my question.
    Thanks again for all you do & God bless you, your family & your team.

  • Fran Taylor

    Praying latest ban from UTube doesn’t lead to total ban

  • mzpa

    Scary… your video being taken down by utb

  • Merv

    It is quite disturbing to see how intolerance is spreading online. Those who demand for tolerance the loudest are the most intolerant ones and are targeting those who speak truth or have opposing views or uncomfortable questions.

  • Julieann

    Timing is everything! So glad you got the website up and running – we don’t need no stinkin’ YouTube!

  • Darlene Beltz

    Amen Pastor Tom! Thank you for all you do! Looking forward to meeting you in heaven.

  • Melissa H Shepard

    Hello, I am very upset you tube took you down or I’m assuming since I can’t find you. How can I watch all your video’s I seem to be having trouble finding last Sunday November 28 and anything after. Do you have it on yours yet? I really miss your video’s.

  • Brenda

    Thank you Pastor Tom I appreciate you being a Watchman In These last hours for the church before Jesus returns for the Bride of Christ.

  • John Hoxie

    Tom, have you mentioned this season the 30th annual Pre-Trib Research Center conference in Irving, TX, from 12-6 through 12-8? Monday and Tuesday are 14 hour days featuring Dr.s: Robert Dean, Thomas Ice, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, J.B. Hixson, Ed Hindson, Mike Stallard, Paul Wilkinson & Randall Price. Also speaking is Charlie Paine and the banquet speaker Don Stewart. My former retired pastor was in this circle. Register at Registration questions: (940)597-8814. I am driving from New Mexico and staying at a pastor friend in Austin Saturday night. He is also going to the conference.

  • John Hoxie

    …Continuing, I am also a long time personal friend of Olivier melnick.

  • Dora

    Thank you for the video!