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  • StarB78

    This is regarding the Friday podcast: I wouldn’t be so quick to applaud the sudden leftist tactic to increase police funding. The police in Australia, Austria and other countries were gassing, shooting rubber bullets at, clubbing and otherwise mistreating the citizens whose taxes paid their salaries. Note that the PD departments follow the lead of their mayors and city councils. If those are compromised of totalitarian tyrants the PD will carry out their wishes. Do not be so quick to applaud re-funding of police especially in this age of deception and rampant apostasy.
    I look back at all the Calvary Chapel pastors who used to vilify lawyers suing the poor incompetent doctors for malpractice. Look at you now, oppressed by the medical establishment and lawyers need to come to your rescue.

  • Melinda

    Hi Tom…why am I not able to see the Dec 17th, “To hot for you tube video?” It still just has your first one up. Looking forward to see it. Love your insight! God bless, Melinda