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  • Carrie Hoover

    Thank you for all of this great news!!!! You are Awesome! God bless you always. I watch you all the time.

    • Joanne Roddy

      Well presented Pastor Tom, May our Lord Jesus Christ come, Amen.

      • T. Ghio

        God grant us courage and endurance for that which lies ahead…in Jesus’ name I pray.

        • 14jc

          I wonder if it is true that now an estimated 5.3 BILLION PEOPLE HAVE BEEN VACCINATED TO DATE: 10/30/2021

          • Michelle Guffey

            Just look at all the people who are EXEMPT from vaccine mandates and that tells you the WHOLE STORY!!

        • Malita Dietrick

          Thanks Pastor Tom!

          • Susan Kaitukoff

            Way to go pastor Tom! You and all your friends are the best. Remember many are being diagnosed and treated for covid but not for any other respiratory infection that they may have. Treatment for covid won’t help those with bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia, rsv, tuberculosis, coccidiomyomycosis (valley fever). People are dying from the PROTOCOL and lack of proper diagnosis. I don’t disagree that covid is real but its not the only thing out there. And it still has a high recovery rate. Pneumonia is dangerous and being ignored! And untreated!! The money is in the covid protocol. Not practicing scientific medicine.

        • Deborah Goforth

          Look at Jeff Childers, Florida Attorney, writes daily on Facebook “Covid and Coffee”. Lots of daily new information and fighting for employees.

          Thank you Pastor!

          • Melanie hughes

            That’s what I’ve been considering. This “vaccine” permanently changes your immune system to fight THIS virus. What if the real depopulation virus comes out after so many have allowed their God given immune system to be changed and the next virus has a different protein without spikes and your immune system can’t fight it because it’s been modified (literally in the name mode rna) to fight what we’re dealing with now. People aren’t very good at thinking into the future anymore. We’ve become a right now kind of people and maybe that’s what they’re depending on

          • Patti

            Friday I went to the doctor the nurse asked me about the covid-19 shot and the flu shot a wreckers don’t show that I have had it I should know I have a religious exemption for both of them she said she’s fine with that she’ll document it the doctor comes in and says how do you still work without a covid-19 shot or a flu shot I said I have a religious exemption for both of them my doctor said she would not have signed them you could tell she was angry she said I hope you change your mind I didn’t say anything to her but Tuesday after that I called the office once again I said is there any way I can make a complaint or voice a concern I said my doctor and I have been talking about the covid-19 shot ever since before it even came out I was not interested I told her I was not interested and it’s just like bullying me to get it and this has been going on for over a year I come in Friday in the same thing happens I told him about what had happened I said I will never ever accept that vaccine under any conditions I said somewhere in my file has to say that I have religious exemption from it do not speak about it she said she would voice it in there care meeting I have not heard back anything about it I told the gal that was voice in my concern with I will even go to a different doctor if she’s that afraid of covid-19 I said I am so past all of this I’ve had enough

        • Teresa Griffith


        • susan binau

          Thanks for sharing important news,
          I like your transparency and integrity. Keep up the good work. Blessings from Florida

        • Linda Gale Green Chanek

          It breaks my heart, that when you try to tell others the facts, it is like bouncing off a barrier, especially your loved ones. I too, pray for endurance, and for more pastors like Tom and James. God bless you and keep you safe. Please help us to remember, not anything can remove those that the Father gave Jesus from His hands.

      • Paulo

        God’s blessings upon you Thomas I pray Elohim Yah will continue to give us all the strength to continue during these dark days

      • Vanessa

        Thank you Pastor Tom. Happy to know you have your server up and running. You may wish to use DuckDuckGo as your browser. Google follows your searches. God bless you!

      • Maritza Soto

        Wow!!I was able to go right to your website from my Samsung Smart TV!! I never knew I could search the web on my TV lol duh.. anyways thank you all so much. I have so much love for you and your family and your church. I’ve been praying that yall would come to Florida and you just annouced your plans to come to Orlando! Which I live only 3 hours south of where you guys will be. I’m so stinking excited and grateful to Jesus for this opportunity!

        You guys be safe!

        May the Lord Bless you and keep you!!


      • George D Flowers

        Great study God is in control stay strong dont follow the world GOD HAS YOU IN HIS ARMS

    • Pam Dragovich

      Thank you Pastor Tom for telling the truth. Really great update so glad to hear you’ll be doing more-it means a lot to all of us who belong to the Lord. Thank you for all your hard work God Bless you

      • Wendy Johnson

        Thank you for sharing the truth

    • Hugh

      Fabulous video, Tom uncensored!

      • Nathaniel Radabaugh

        Thank you Pastor Tom. Love listening to your prophecy updates. Have been for some time now in yt. From the Dallas area. I’ve somehow by the Lord’s grace and Holy Spirit, known where this is all going with C19 vaccine mandates since April 2020. Also have been listening to JDFARAG.ORG for nearly 4 years. Please keep up the good work. Much needed. Fyi, I’m a concrete pump operator and so far not required to get the jab. If that changes I will refuse.

      • Gary Bond

        Wow. Get all people jabbed and then vulnerable to sars/covid. Then release a virus that kills them all, of course the elites are either unjabbed or their shots were just saline, a way to drastically reduce the population. I always wondered why the sars/covid had such a high recovery rate, its so the elites who happened to get it would recover. I guess the way this is going I will be able to claim membership as a 1percenter.

      • Beverly Hutchinson

        Thank you Pastor Tom and Hope For Our Times. I am so excited to be able to hear the truth uncensored. God bless you and keep bringing the truth.

    • jason l earnheart

      Thanks Tom. I like this format much better. If you want to bring more YouTubers over to this site then make a 20 second YouTube video notifying your visitors where to go. Thanks again.

    • Rhonda Brown

      I dont trust this vac but for peoples who’s backs are up against the wall..cant they trust God to protect them from any adverse effects? I mean it’s not THE mark and Christians are out of here b4 THAT is implemented. Idk. No job, no tithes. No job no funding missions or ministries etc.. God can protect us from the ill effects of this vac. Idk. Can we trust God to protect the Christian’s and children from this. I mean would He or is it a sin ?

      • Okie Patriot Girl

        We do not know if it’s the mark or not. Many believe the beast is AI, and the shot is the first step into transhumanism. Some are saying the shot damages the “God gene,” what makes us spiritual. Dr Ardis and Dr Zelenko have shared protocols to fight the shot – use them! One includes apple pectin powder and they all use some form of glutathione.

        • Diane

          You are wrong, it is not the mark of the beast. Read your bible.

        • Kathy

          God gene? Really? Let me give you the definition of this God gene you believe in.

          The God gene hypothesis proposes that human spirituality is influenced by heredity and that a specific gene, called vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2), predisposes humans towards spiritual or mystic experiences.

          If you think this has something to do with true Christianity, you might want to check your salvation out. Like Diane says..Read your bible. The Mark is a singular thing that will happen when you worship the beast. Vaccines are multiple. Taken in your left arm or right arm or both. The bible would have to say “Marks of the beast” if the vaccines were the mark.

      • Irene

        My brother n law had first vaccine! In a days time! He got chicken pox then shingles then meningitis then pneumonia and a blood clot near brain. And doctors said it was from the vaccines! Then about a month he ended up covid in hospital again!

      • Melinda Nowlin

        From what I understand there is aborted fetal tissue in these vaccines . I feel it would be a sin to take it. But people who are forced… I would hope God would protect them my husband is on of them.

    • Cindy C

      Thank you Pastor Tom. MANY REWARDS for you in Heaven! May God bless you and your family as well as helpers in ministry for Christ Jesus. Maranatha

    • Srephen

      Thank you Tom yes I agree that the first four horsemen are all Babylonians that deceived the whole world. But I don’t think the Babylonians are the ones that offer the mark of the beast I think the Beast Empire destroys the Babylonians and then he offers the mark so basically it is two separate and Time evil entities that overlap

    • Karen Rollins

      Let us remember that Fauci served during Trump’s tenure as 45. You wanna tell me that he truly didn’t know a thing about his main medical advisor? Really?

      • Lori Burkhardt

        Karen, I haven’t heard anyone, especially Tom Hughes imply or even openly state that everything the President Trump did was right. Not only that, but there are SCORES of people who believe and trust in Fauci…do you think that everyone who is trusting him is complicit and must KNOW that he is up to something? How many times have you read or even personally known about a pastor or a doctor, policeman, etc getting caught doing something wrong and those who are closest to him are totally blindsided by it all? Also, you seem to imply that Tom Hughes was blaming Fauci’s dealings on Biden (why else would you bring up Trump?)…I never once heard him say that it was the Biden Administration’s fault for what Fauci has been doing.

      • Okie Patriot Girl

        Oh yes he did. Put him upfront center for all the world to see. President Trump did that to many – EXPOSING THEM.

    • Dana

      Thank you pastor Tom. You ought to check out the if you want more facts about vaccines the current research in different foreign countries, testimonies of people who have been injured by the vaccine etc. They have immunologists from different countries, different medical specialists, whistleblowers from different pharmaceutical companies. Del Bigtree the producer has been following Covid etc.. since it’s beginning. All his information he supplies the lab results, research etc.. so you can read the information yourself! He says that he is not trying to teach you what to think, but to provide you with the information so that you can make an informed choice. His show is excellent!

      • George D Flowers

        Dana, Thank you for sharing the website I will check it out and use the info wisely, thank you.

    • Keith


      • Terri Zzzzz

        Keith, just pray to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for forgiveness as we are only human. You have a mission now to teach others not to take the jabaroonie. Bless you!!

    • Paul Kostelak

      Thank you Tom I found it excellent sermon I already knew about it though I’ve been following the virus for a very long time and have not gotten the job I knew there was something wrong with it from the get-go

    • Leigh

      Thank you Pastor Tom, I follow many sites that actually post the truth. If people get mad, let them get mad. The truth has to get out. At this point, if people are not awake to these realities, perhaps they are willfully ignorant. My Cousin was just fired from his job, after 28 years as a paramedic for refusing the jab. What is going on is absolutely wicked. I am sick knowing how much has been revealed about Fauci and he is still not in shackles and being prosecuted for all of the horrific things he has done and has been involved with. Andrew Cuomo should have been prosecuted for the nursing home deaths, but he walked away unscathed. Nothing these evil people are doing, are hidden from the Lord.

    • Kathleen McKeithen

      Thank you so much for this, Pastor Tom! I am so grateful that you have your own server now so you can share the truth about what’s happening, and The Truth of Jesus Christ!!

    • Christine Cabrera

      I Believe that the jab is only get ting stronger vaccine jab RNA to pentrate our DNA to weaken our immune system. So the jab can carve out out protein so we can die within 3 to 5 years agenda 22 population

    • Jewel Lee

      Thank you Pastor Tom.
      You are a blessing for sharing the truth! Praying for you. We are all on the right side of this and this stuff needs to be shared, as dark as it is.

    • Lisa Lynne Akana

      I live in sin city and I’m finding it very hard to find a church here without the emphasis on how great the band. So much so, that I cant even hear myself praising along. That speaks about the reality of the times we live in and shepherd its flock accordingly. How to use the word of God as the sword of the Spirit. Give us biblical weapons of warfare (other than, Ephesians) and teach us how to use it. I read the word, I love the righteousness of His wisdom, I just get so overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge offered up that I sometimes become bewildered at where to turn for the most strength, outside of prayer. Do you know of any pastors or churches here that may fit that description?

    • George D Flowers

      Brother that was powerful so much in it I have sent it out via email to people to hear. Please, please keep it up God is letting the world know he loves them, I had Covid and lived its ALL in Gods hands I’ve had NO SHOT (jabs) I’m telling others about Gods Love for them He has forgiven me of my sins even though Satan is a liar and tries to tell me otherwise, he is a liar and a murderer ONLY GOD IS TRUTH HE TELLS ME THE TRUTH AND IM GOING TO STAND ON HIS TRUTH, so please keep up your site with truth you and Pastor Kaddis are so awesome you are helping many to not only come to faith but to stay strong in tough times I’m one of them, thank you for your site praise God for your love of Him and His people. Amen brother.

    • Dellas

      Great job. Keep it up. God bless.

    • Dawn Skelton

      Thank you! I am a loss for words, I see this everyday and I just struggle with how many are so blind.

  • Holly

    PastorTom I emailed you about with a couple of questions. I hope I did it right. God bless and I pray for you and all that are getting truth out. Thank you

    • Nancy Smith



    Thank you Pastor. You NEED to do these daily, multiple times. I am a Seer and everything the Lord has shown me,in advance, has come to pass. We are OUT of time…SHOUT from the rooftops! DO NOT limit this to one 30 minutes show, ETERNITY is more than 30 minutes. Praise God and bless you for your courage and bravery to speak the TRUTH in boldness. I am praying for your protection. God bless you. Please speak MORE, ASAP, and without limitation.

    • Christy Benoist

      He does them so often..He is probably exhausted.He is extremely busy for the Lord!
      Maybe you don’t realize.PLUS he’s a Pastor of (not just online) but a church as well. Jsyk Blessings.

  • jerry franklin

    pastor tom, ty so much for to hot video may God bless and lift ur ministry high. The truth shall set us free.

    • Moriah

      Thank you for the update. Really appreciate your courage and boldness to speak up and to speak the truth. I agree with you and Andy Woods that we are not in the seal judgments as we will be raptured first, but we are seeing the set up for them. Personally, have already lost more friends from it than from the sick ness. 🙁

      • Jewel Lee

        So sorry to hear that

  • Bleustarz

    Thank you for this important information! Keep it coming!

    • kevin S massey

      We need an hour brother.

      • Lea H

        No, we need three! Seriously, I can’t get enough of the truth. God bless you Pastor Tom and all of you, Brothers & Sisters

    • Leslie S Miller

      God bless and keep you for His will. Thanks for hearing His Spirit and boldly speaking, preaching His truth to those who hear.

  • Vanessa Weger

    Thank You Brother Tom

    • Iris Gonzalez

      Thank you Pastor Tom. I am learning soo much from you and Pastor James. I watch all of your videos and am blessed to have found you. You guys along with Pastor J.D. are my go to source of information. God bless you and thank you so much for giving to the lord.

  • robyn neill

    Tom i got the first shot and right away i felt like i was poisoned. I have heart toubles. Things are not good. I love the Lord alway’s. Thanks for telling us what is going on. God Bless

  • Teddie

    Hi pastor Tom, thanks for the truth reporting. It’s great to hear all of it without trying to read between the lines or the unmentionable “vaccines “.

    Please add links for the articles you reported on.

    Keep up the good work.

    God blessed you and your team.

    • Richard Smith

      Thank You Pastor Tom. You seemed much more free on your own platform. I certainly appreciate your updates and teachings.

      • Sandra

        Thank you Pastor Tom. I am learning soo much from you and Pastor James. I watch all of your videos and am blessed to have found you. You guys along with Pastor J.D and paster Jack and amier. my go to source of information. God bless you and thank you so much for giving to the lord.

  • Hilary

    Thank you Pastor Tom

  • Antonia Heayns

    This is absolutely wonderful. To finally hear someone tell the truth. If it says there will be no weddings in the end then surely that’s proof of a rapture before that. Jesus said « they will be marrying and giving in marriage «  A great hope to take from this wicked and demonic plan. Everyone should be immensely proud of and grateful to you for standing up and not being afraid to tell the truth when most people are in denial.

    • Lea H

      Oh my gosh, Antonia, I didn’t make that connection! Thank you for this! I wrote it down and will reread it tonight!! I love the Word!

  • Kim H

    Thank you Brother and Pastor Tom, So few are warning all peoples, especially the brethren about these vaccines. Seems you, and brothers JD Farag, Brandon Holthause, James Kaddis, Robert Breaker and just a handful of others have been warning all for months.
    Many of our family and friends too, did not listen to us months ago, and took the vax. Praying over you all and may God bless you and your family.

    • Alan Morris

      I believe the Graphene Oxide in the serpent bite is necessary for the future 6G communications system. It is not being called 6G, it is being called ‘Genesis 6’. Read Genesis Chapter 6 for an understanding of ‘the days of Noah’ and ‘transhumanism’.
      For the Genesis 6 system to work, for individual tracking and control to be possible, everyone has to be a walking, self powered antenna. This is made possible by injecting ‘Graphene Oxide’ into the body.

  • Maria

    Thank you Pastor Tom. All so very true, highly disturbing and yet not suprising. Will all get worse than this i believe and we may see much more before Jesus comes for us. It’s even more scary than so many people can’t see it all for what it is. I admire you for getting the truth out.

  • Donna

    It’s working! Awesome powerful message…We will keep looking up for Jesus.
    Thank you and God Bless this ministry.

    • A Registered Nurse from Illinois

      I love watching these videos and learning through pastors Tom Hughes, JD Farag, Don Stewart, Billy Crone, and many more. Keep doing what the Lord called you to do!Thank you and God bless you.

  • Tim

    Thank you Pastor Tom and God Bless you.

  • Anna Todaro

    Thank you Pastor Tom and all those working on your to keep the truth getting out. Please continue to sound the alarm by keeping your eyes straight ahead and heart in tune with the Lord. You remind me of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. May the Lord greatly bless you all.

    • Ruth

      Thank you Pastor Tom for these uncensored updates! God bless you and your family & church congregation!
      Come quickly Lord Jesus, we so anticipate & hunger for our meeting up in the clouds with You our sweet Bridegroom!!! See you all in the clouds!!!

  • Corina Llavanes

    Pastor Tom

    Thank you for doing all the home work for us. You are really showing how much you love and care for us, the believers and the spiritually lost. I pray your message opens the spiritual eyes and hearts of those who do not know Jesus before it is too late. Jesus is coming very soon for us.
    Please continue your hard work and I look forward to you next message until we are raptured soon.

    God bless you and your family

    • Merilyn du Plooy

      Excited about your new platform. Blessings from South Africa

  • Tracie

    So blessed to have found you Pastor Tom. Thank you for all you do to get the truth out. Really enjoyed this video…looking forward for more to come!

  • Heidi

    Wow! That was awesome! Thank you Pastor Tom
    Is there any chance of you listing the links below, Similar to YouTube videos?
    The freedom of conversation you had today was exhilarating… #feelingmotivated #occupytilltrumpets

  • Theresa

    Great video, thank you for all the time it takes to put these videos together. I am praying for you, I understand your sacrifice now and your sacrifice for the future. “If God is for us, who can be against us”!!! Keep pressing on, the Lord is opening great doors of opportunity. Time is short.

  • Kay Malone

    Thank you brother Tom, I pray for you, your family, and your ministry. God has shown me America is like the Titanic, going down quickly and the second class people are us believers in Christ Jesus. Also I pray you do more of these Too Hot for youtube videos. The WORD is the Truth, the World is facts, Which one will you choose? I pray for many many to surrender to Christ Jesus through your ministry, In Jesus name, Amen!

  • Paula Clark

    Thank you brother, I completely agree with all you have said and have thought about them myself. I also am concerned the vax will make people fertile and unable to have children, that would be a way to population control for sure. May God Bless us and protect us, especially our children and the vulnerable.

  • Glenn GOFF

    Thank you !! We never miss any of your messages.
    Sherwood AR

  • Melody Li

    Thank you Pastor Tom!

  • Jodi

    Pastor Tom, Your updates are vital to us and MUCH appreciated! I especially love how you always incorporate scripture with it. Thank YOU Tom and all who are involved in this excellent ministry.

  • C. Torres
  • Debra

    Hello I’d like to share our experiences with covid . I am 63 with high bp and copy. My son is 38 with lupus bad heart, and liver and blood clotting disease all caused by lupus. My daughter is 21 years old and pretty healthy. She is fully vaccinated. My son and I are not vaccinated nor will it be. She came home with Covid and she ended up pretty sick. I got covid and it was like a long lasting cold but didn’t effect my breathing any worse than what it already was due to COPD. My son who is very high risk did not even get sick. He is taking HCQ and as soon I I got symptoms I started taking it too. We pray everyday covering ourselves in his blood. My daughter who ended up the sickest is not a Christian. But after she got sick she complained about her heart. And she is sick again. I told her to go get tested but she says she can’t get covid twice because she got jabbed. I do believe that that vaccinated are the ones spreading it. I do believe that HCQ helps to prevent you from getting real sick or to prevent it at all. What are your thoughts?

  • Mark Musser

    During the Holocaust, the absolute worst of the worst, were the doctors. While the Nazis had any number of rules against animal experimentation stemming from their 1933 Animal Rights Law, they later wound up experimenting on people all the time if you were a political prisoner or Jewish. Many larger concenctration (and later death camps) conveniently had laboratories in them to use for eugenic research. At Nuremberg, they had special trials just for the doctors. The Nuremberg Code, which was the fallout of what Nazi doctors did, are now beginning to be violated right and left, pun intended, with these mandates against freedom of conscience that was supposed to be protected. As we have seen the reversal of fortune with regard to the fallout of World War II in Europe with the end of the Cold War, now we are seeing the pre-war sinisterism philosophically, scientifically, religiously, return as well. Our frankenstein doctor in chief now, made a name for himself in the later 80’s trying to stop aids. He proclaimed up to 30% of Americans will die from aids. That dentists later were forced to start wearing masks I can only assume was the touchstone of his work. Now the whole world is wearing them. By the way, Dr. Mengele was also a very strong environmentalist greener. The doctrines of National Socialism were known as blood and soil, eugenics and environemntalism, clean blood and clean land. In reality, it was an ancient nature fertility cult like Baalism brought up to date for modern and postmodern consumption.

    • Debra Brown

      Some people should not be called “Doctor”!

  • Cynthia

    Thank you for always speaking the truth! I wish I could attend your church but I live in TN. I listen to all of your teachings online.

  • Emily S.

    Pastor Tom, I pray that you will continue to be encouraged. You are a true blessing!

  • Christy Benoist

    Pastor Tom, THANK THE LORD JESUS FOR YOU!!! & Also for your new server! I thought it would be like Rumble where we sign up..but it just worked even for me..who doesn’t care for “signing up” on these things. AWESOME! You’re vids & msgs are invaluable to the body. It helped me also to understand Revelation 17 & 18 in a MUCH clearer light. WOW thank you so very much Pastor. We love you in the Lord!!! God bless you and protect you and your family. Maranatha, In Jesus, Christy

  • Jeff Skalla

    Excellent program!
    Keep after it and remain steadfast.

    Best Regards,

    Jeff Skalla

  • Christopher Bailey

    Can you give us the option to download the video? Even fast internet here at home it stops every couple seconds. God bless!

  • Stephen

    Refreshing to finally hear you have the freedom to say the words you have to disguise on YouTube. And Finally, to hear the word Pharmakia . Strongs G5331

  • Chris

    Thanks & God Bless

  • ronnie

    thanks tom for having the guts to speak out. we need more of us to stand up and do the same, may god be with you.

  • Rodney Brits

    Dear Tom thank you for this initiative – it is very difficult to get honest information on the vaccines. Be strong as you stand at the coal face of evil.

  • Ruchama

    All things are coming together. Even the dinarius, mentioned in revelation. There is a cryptocurrency that is considered to be a very safe currency and it’s called Dinarius, and it’s described as ancient money for a new world. Maybe the one world economy’s money will be the dinarius?

  • Michael Harris

    Thank you Lord Jesus for Pastor Tom and this is part of the agenda population reduction and control to 550 million people research it for yourself agenda 2030 I’m blind and with a special app I can research this LIE MARANATHA MARANATHA MARANATHA

  • Nancy Marple

    This “vaccine” is poison. I would also encourage everyone to learn about the hospital protocol when you go in with Covid. The protocol is killing more people than it’s helping. Remdisver is one of the drugs used. Main side effect is kidney failure. Most people that walk into the hospital with Covid and are put on this drug end up with kidney failure and then their lungs fill up with fluid and they are put on a ventilator. Fauci emergency approved it in January 2020 and prohibited other drugs that were effective. This is genocide. Look it up. Look up Dr Artis.Dr Cole. Warn your family members to refuse Remdisver if they go into the hospital for Covid.

  • Val

    Please continue to speak these truths.
    You are one of the few sources with the courage to do so.
    Our Lord is with you.

  • Bryan Parker-Perez



    And a quarter of those killed are by wild animals too though right? Just curious if you believe that’s true. I honestly do feel that it will be true. I think God’s going to take away animals natural fear of us, and especially when there’s famine, they’re going to come after humans worldwide. Just look at the introduction of wolves all over the United States over the last couple decades. Very scary thought for those left behind. God bless you brother, as I really enjoy all your videos!

    • Lea H

      Hi Nathan, I always took “wild beast” to be equal to all things living. That could be bacteria to elephants, even viruses (if humans categorizing them as non-living is incorrect. We are only human after all!)
      I believe it’s all going to be fulfilled literally, because past prophecies we’re literally fulfilled. God says what He means and means what He says. We humans just might not interpret it correctly. The more I read the Old Testament prophets and marry it up with history, I’m absolutely dumbfounded! God is amazing!

  • Jeff H

    Thanks for a great presentation Tom. The Church as well as the rest of the world desperately needs to know the truth. I look forward to many more of these non YouTube updates.

  • Betsy Walter

    Thank you so much for this valuable info! It would be very helpful to have access to a written transcript that could be printed out and shared in person with friends and family. I know many who won’t go on the internet or social media to watch and I’d love to reach them with this truth.

    Keeping you in my prayers!

  • Lynn and Alan

    We are very appreciative of this info. Also we learn so much from all your videos and teaching. May God bless you and your team as you stay faithful to His Word.

  • Jenny Crates

    Keep preaching the good news , and end times
    Because that is your job. Never will I or my family get the covid jab and I guess we will all end up in camps if that’s Planned. Jesus died for us and I will die for him.
    Just waiting for the rapture and you are a great Pastor for all❤️️❤️️

  • Sandra Gregg

    Don’t listen to the so called Christians that want you to stop sounding the alarm. You are right on target and are speaking the truth. The Bible is very explicit about the end of time right before the rapture and you are a watchman on the wall. Thank you for putting yourself out there to warn others about what is coming and their need to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  • Deb

    I work for a large hospital system in Pennsylvania. One of my daily tasks is to review the mortalities for 3 hospitals. I have noticed that the vaccinated deaths have been 2:1. Many of these vaccinated deaths are coded with final diagnosis’ as ARDS (adult respiratory distress syndrome) instead of COVID unlike the unvaxxed deaths. It’s sad how the data is manipulated to further the agenda.

    • Diane

      Listen the covid isn’t killing people the treatment is.. the treatment stroud they give us was used for evolve and its called reginaron. It had a 50% death rate when they used it. It shuts your kidneys down and it then causes your lungs to fill with fluid.. they call it covid phomonia but its actually drug phomonia..
      If they say you have phomonia make them take a sputum test to see if its bacteriurial or not.. if its not caused by bacteriuria then it’s not covid phomonia.. Do not allow your doctor to tell you they can’t give you a sputum test because its not protocol.. if you have phomonia its automatically a protocol

  • Dana B

    Pastor Tom, I wish I lived in CA – would love to attend your church. (And, Pastor Jame’s!)
    Your updates are such a blessing. None of my family or friends will discuss any of these topics (especially the jab or return of Jesus)
    Thank you! God Bless!

  • Brandon

    Thanks for taking the time to share these videos!

  • Malcolm

    I want speed controls. I’m at work, monitoring security cameras, so there’s no problem listening while I ‘m watching. But I can listen about 50% faster than you talk, Tom. Will you add speed controls to your videos? I don’t want to have to add an app top my computer at home, and I am not allowed to add anything to the work computer.

  • Michael S.

    Very good information pastor.. God bless!

  • rodney setzer

    These are family members of the old nazi party we brought them here ibm bowen and ford chevy supported the nazi party and now they have come out

  • Angie

    Thank you Pastor Tom. All you have spoken is true, as our Lord Jesus Christ has led me to the same information concerning the detrimental effects these jabs have on those who take them, which are irreversible. The fact that now they’re targeting children for these genetic manipulation experiments with the jabs is pure evil. Young children will now start dying from strokes and heart attacks as a result of the clotting disorders caused by the jabs. We are living in a world that’s under mass psychosis, and the reason those who have bought the lies and received the death jabs lash out at those who speak the truth is because it shatters their delusions, and they can’t accept the fact they have been deceived. The reason we’re not seeing mass deaths from all who received the jabs is because some people only received saline, but with each jab they take as a requirement to keep their ability to work and participate in society, they will eventually be given the jab that’s the real deal, and it will result in their death eventually. That’s why we see after 4 jabs, the deaths of the vaxxed Israelis is skyrocketing. Each jab will bring more deaths. Parents must protect their children at all costs. They must not allow their children to be injected with this poison. I’m still trying to understand the purpose of the parasites in the experimental jabs. The graphene nanoparticles is an injectable software that works with the BCI, Brain to Computer Interface, that will be used to connect the biological, humans, with the technological, A.I., so that A.I. controls those humans who are merged with the IoT, Internet of Things. This is coming with the digital biometric ID and digital biometric vaccination passport. The mandatory vaccines are a part of the “Great Reset”. If you don’t give the state control over your body, you will be cut off from the world. However, our body is the temple of Christ, and not Caesar’s to own and do as the state pleases with it. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s. Do not give your bodily autonomy to the state, to Caesar. We have been purchased at a great price, the blood of Christ, and our body belongs to Christ.

  • Susan Gustems

    Tom, didn’t the bible say it would be like the days of Noah.

    Remember when the sons of God came down and mated with the daughters of men.

    He sent the flood for 7 people becouse the entire earth had been defiled. The DNA of people animals even the plants were messed with.
    You keep saying the jab is not the mark but if you listen to the many doctors who are coming out trying to tell people that the jab is changing The God givin DNA of people, their also finding a organism called hydra the can reproduce in the jab.
    Doctors, scientist, vaccine experts are saying its changing people.

    My people Parrish for lack of knowledge.

    Why people even Gods people not do the research on this jab before they rolled up their sleeve is unbelievable.
    We are in the last days, the days of deception. We have to search all matters out and never ever take things at face value.

    I dont claim to know just pointing it out.

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  • Lisa

    Thank Pastor Tom,
    This Too Hot for You Tube video was terrific! Appreciate all the research you do & for keeping us (the body in Christ) informed. May the blessings bestowed on us for your outreach return to you many times over.

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    Pastor Tom, thank you for your dedication to God and His word! I could listen to you all day long! I pray for your safety! Keep getting the truth out to us!

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    Check out Revelation 18:23 and check out what the word “ witchcraft “ means Strongs 5331 read it close and look up what each word means in the Greek….

  • Sharon

    The first one didn’t work, so take another. The second one didn’t work, so take another. The third one isn’t working, so take a fourth one, and so it will go on….
    A world-wide experiment, that makes no sense, and people happily comply, to their detriment.
    Control, and worse outcomes, the goal. This is why God said to know His word. This, today, is the set-up.

  • Troy

    Thanks Pastor Tom. Never worry about how much time you are using. We need this information. You just tell it like it is and don’t worry about the time. We are all blessed with your updates. Praying for your family and your ministry, in the mighty name of Jesus!✝️

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    Blessings to u and ur family.

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    So glad you can now speak freely about this! With all the scary stuff the doctors who examine it are finding in the nasty jab vials and what they are finding in the vaxxed’s blood smears, people need to know there is an evil agenda behind it and we need to fight it! Thank you for your ministry and lining up what we are facing in today’s world with Biblical prophecy.

  • Barbara C

    Thank you so much. My niece had the jab and she’s had the virus twice.

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    This is just to let you know I found you. Good Luck.

  • Antoinette Mattox

    Thank you Pastor Tom for being the watchman on the wall! The people that take the vaccine get sicker because of ADE (antibody dependent enhancement)/Pathogenic Priming which is not being disclosed when people get the vaccine. We need to keep the people that have taken the vaccine in prayer. Here’s a great article from Children’s Health Defense (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.).

    Pharmakeia is exactly what’s happening. God’s Word is true!

  • Lori

    Praise God for this new means of getting God’s word out. You are one of the few I trust! You speak God’s truth. Remain steadfast! So many people are delusional, mean, and blinded. He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Til we meet in the sky and fly. May our Lord richly bless you, your family and the church.

    • Julie C

      Long time coming for your server and unobstructed truth to be heard! Looking forward to many more videos.

  • Shoshi

    Thank you so, so much for this, Pastor Tom, and for directing us to your website from YT, where I have been watching you for a while now from the UK – I recognised quality and sound Scriptural doctrine straight away! I began studying Biblical prophecy over 30 years ago with special reference to the End Times and it is amazing to see, on a daily basis, prophecies written over 2,000 years ago being fulfilled to the letter before our very eyes. What a privilege to be living in these days. I am looking up daily and eagerly awaiting the Day of my Redemption and to be taken up to be with Jesus for ever!

    When the Juice was first introduced I had deep misgivings about it without knowing why, and as time went on and I did ever more research, I knew that my gut feeling about it was correct and was from the Lord. My hubby has been double Juiced and thinks I am crazy and stupid not to have it. I have various health problems (but not ones generally associated with the high-risk groups for catching the pestilence) and he is absolutely convinced that I am going to die of it. He is utterly taken in by the propaganda put out by the MSM and thinks anything else (particularly what I believe) to be conspiracy theory and not reliable. He says “I know I am right.” He is not open to reason and refuses to watch any videos or read any articles I have put his way – recently while I was praying about this, the Lord said, “Leave him to Me.” I have much more peace about it now but I do fear for him. He also doesn’t believe in the Rapture. There are now three non-subjects in our house that we cannot discuss: politics, prophecy and the pestilence and especially the Juice!! Sadly there are many (the majority) in the world who think as he does.

    It is so refreshing to find this video and to hear you speaking with plain words the truth we all need to hear. I hope and pray that many will be led here, both believers and non-believers alike. Time is so short and the truth needs to get out there to as many as possible. Thank you for being such a faithful witness and servant of the Lord – I can’t wait to meet you in the air!

    Many greetings, prayers, blessings and love in the Lord from the UK.

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    Hope you intend to use Rumble

  • Rebekah

    Dr. Fauci = Bio-Terrorist. The majority of the world’s top leaders are treating him like a hero, and I’m holding them as responsible as Fauci for the push of this “vaccine”. I am not surprised to hear what he is guilty of. Thank you for continuing to tell the truth and remaining a faithful servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I’ll be sharing this video with as many people as I can.

  • Janet

    PLEASE DO MORE TOO HOT FOR YOUTUBE VIDEOS! What are the possibilities of you, James and Monkey getting together and doing some ‘Too Hot for YouTube’ videos? I feel they are crucial, meaningful and necessary in these times in which we live, so we can hear the truth. You validate the deception surrounding the world. Continue to teach us how everything is lining up with God’s prophetic word. As Jan Markell says, ‘things are not falling apart, rather falling into place’. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MINISTRY!

    Numbers 6:24-26
    “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”


  • Steven Swartz

    Thank you Tom and God Bless all you do.

  • Laura

    Just wanted to share a couple of resources. One you mentioned was Stew Peters. He has a video will Dr. Carrie Makej that shows what’s actually in the vax and also one with Dr. Jane Ruby. He even has one that explains how the graphine oxide connects with 5g for controlling people. On another note, a friend of a friend recently lost her 3 week old baby after getting vaxd after delivery. Autopsy showed vaccine contents was in the baby’s liver (from being breast fed).

    When you search for these topics, you will find things better using Duck Duck Go than Google. They are suppressing info.

    Also, these doctors have also expressed concern over the vax.

    Dr. Zandre Botha
    Dr. Robert Young
    Dr. Vladimir Zellenko
    Dr. Byram Bridle
    Dr. Geert Vander Bossche
    Dr. Chinda Brandolino
    Dr. Charles Hoffe
    Dr. Robert Malone
    Dr. Franc Zalewski

    Thank you Pastor Tom for all you do.

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  • Mike Blansit


    “Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, And the star of your god Remphan, Figures which ye made to worship them:
    ‭‭Acts‬ ‭7:43‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    The star on the Israeli flag, which you have on display, is not the Star of David (Magen David). It is the star of remphan & does not represent the Hebrew children.

  • Teresa Griffith

    Dr. Anthony “Frankenstein” Fauci justifies his experiments because it follows the agenda.

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    Love this video – keep up the good work Pastor Tom. So glad that you are being brave and speaking the Truth. Love being able to obtain the information of the things happening in the world as it relates to Bible prophecy. I have been following you for almost 10 years now. So many Christians just don’t want to hear anything bad that is happening in the world. Just want to continue living in a bubble. They just don’t have the eyes to see what is coming? I love that you have more freedom on your website channel to speak more freely about all the necessary topics without being censored. God Bless you Tom Hughes You are such a blessing to me.

  • Denise Davis

    Thank you, Pastor Tom. I appreciate you going to the length of creating your own website so you can speak truth without being censored!!!!! MARANATHA

  • Viviana

    There is not lack of information regarding the euthanasias, there is a problem of loving more to hear a message that scratches the ears. The Bible says that in the last days people “will turn aside to fables and will turn away from hearing the truth”. There is a desire for being lied to, to hear what is warm for the heart. I did a Pd. D in biotechnology and a master in immunology and a postdoctoral in immunology, specific in vaccine molecular pathways, and people did not trust my warnings. I could hardly avoid to have my parents inyected with the euthanasia but my mother-in-law and sister in law and one of my sisters believed the politicians (all non-Christians). In my church most of people have taken the euthanasia… it is not a matter of information; information is there for who wants to find it. May God bless your ministry that I think is mainly for confort of those not having complied. I strongly recommend to avoid the main virus: TV and massive Media, and to take the best vaccine: turn off TV and study prophecy and human history.

  • Kim

    Important info, Tom! Thanks for telling us. Can you share where you get all these articles, so I can calm my skeptics? Thank you for all you and your staff do!

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    Thank you Pastor Tom. Keep preaching the truth and keeping us aware of these evil people who are running rampant. Thank God there are pastors out there who are warning people and preaching the truth.I know many co workers who have taken this evil jab and I am heartbroken for them. Only 1 that I know is a believer and was crying in her face when she told me.She said she did it because her very devout Pastor died of covid and she was afraid.Wow.I will never take this jab and now will most likely lose my job. It’s OTAY! If God be for us who can stand against us? NOBODY!! Jeremiah 32:26-27 Then came the word of the Lord unto Jeremiah saying. Behold I AM the Lord the GOD of all flesh: Is there anything too hard for me? God will see us through this and whatever else comes our way in His will. God bless you and your family Pastor Tom.

  • Mike

    Sheeze – we here are about to get a ‘traffic light’ system – to replace our lockdown levels. A population totally controlled by traffic lights – just like cars on the road. [sigh]

  • Eileen

    Please go to the this website and listen to Doctors, Biologists, and Vaccine Specialists share about the issues with the “V”. They share what to do to prevent COVID and how to treat it if you get it. This all is being censored. This is a Christian Ministry that shares this info but not all the specialists that are very concerned about this “V” are for those that thing Christians are a bunch of fruit cakes. I am thankful that God shares truth with His children and opens our eyes to see what is really going on. We know the time we are living in and what this is really about, for He has foretold us in His Word.

  • Roberta

    Pastor Tom, I’m keeping it brief! Thank you so very much for pressing in to keep us all aware of the present dangers!
    I pray for you to be protected , you and your family! May Gods blessings continue to shower you!
    Your needed!
    I see you, JD, Billy Crone, Pastor Jack and a few others that are bold enough to build arks… arks of truth! We are not rejecting the word of truth as it was in the day of Noah! The remnant is receiving the truth and preparing our own arks. Filled with the Truth of Jesus!
    Then we are showing others… and the Lord is revealing to us what we need to share.
    Blessings! ❤️

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    Thank you Pastor Tom and Hope For Our Times. I am so excited to be able to hear the truth uncensored. God bless you and keep bringing the truth.

  • E Leo

    worse than we thought! the babies used to research, develop and test many of the vaccines, including these ones were still alive, not aborted (yet), when their organs were harvested. God help anyone who knows this and goes ahead to take the shot!


    OUTSTANDING commentary with freedom to speak the TRUTH as we need to hear it! Please continue to shine a light on this darkness. Prayers for your guidance and safety.

  • Megan

    One thing is pretty clear: we are being lied to, massively. The intensity of the lies has been growing for quite some time. I noticed it in the latter part of 2019, not realizing at the time just what was coming. One of the lies is that these shots are “vaccines”. Merriam-Webster and the CDC have, after the fact, changed their definition of “vaccine” to include these concoctions, but they are nothing like what people would ordinarily understand a vaccine to be. My personal term for them is “sorcerer’s potions” (Gk. NT pharmaka). “Poisons” is another very appropriate word for them.

    You need a basic understanding of genetics and molecular biology to begin to make sense of the technologies – modRNA and viral vector (DNA) – and appreciate the dangers. I have a scientific background and I jumped in early in 2020 to understand what was being done, and my word for it at the time was (and still is) “monstrous”.

  • Megan

    There are distinct Greek words in Revelation for sorcery, sorcerers, and the potions/poisons. Paul also refers to pharmakeia in Gal. 5:20. It has been around for a very long time.

  • Karen

    Congratulations with the first official ”Too hot for YouTube” broadcast!May God bless you and all who work with you.

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    Thank you so much for this. I am glad you were able to get your own website so you can give uncensored news and views!

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    Thank you, Tom. Thank you for those you speak with, too, like James and Monkey and more…You are a brave and good shepherd, and we need these updates and encouragement as we await His return for us. Shalom, Sam and Mavis

  • Dee

    Blessings and Greetings from Canada ! Thank you Pastor for your wisdom and devotion to our Lord;
    I do not usually respond online to anything but I feel compelled to respond today.
    I am a retired senior with 30 years of knowing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; I came to Christ in a dramatic way. Looking for what I called a spiritual life I ended up looking at new age. I began to have tormented dreams with fear so profound of “something pertaining a black pitbull surrounding me ” every where I went. It got so bad I was put on medication because I was such a wreck . One night I awoke around 3 o clock in the morning. My bed was shaking so much it awoke my husband. I could not see anything but I could hear a booming voice. “I AM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM ISAAC AND JACOB AND I HAVE CALLED YOU”. Don’t ask me what happened next I just jumped out of bed and began worshipping and praying and accepted Jesus as My Lord. I had never read a bible but suddenly I knew I needed to because my life depended on it.
    So lets fast forward to the current situation.
    All my family have been double vaxed except for me. I originally had a good alibi not to get it but then my doctor stopped allowing “certain” forms of exceptions. He was my doctor for 44 years he suddenly quit and I felt hung out to dry. One night while weeping the lord gave me a vision. I saw the doctors holding me down as I screamed when they put the needle in my arm. I tried to move but couldn’t stop it. Out of nowhere I began to sing. I did it with JOY ! Then I was put in jail. a week later I had another word. The Lord said to me “my child I see my children and I see their fear pain and anguish. Do not worry my children those that were coerced into getting the vaccine will see… it will be made null and void in your earthly body. I will remove it. Just as the world leaders use “fake” needles to lie to the world my bride will rise up in the coming hours . The remnant is being prepared and the bride is being readied. Her bridegroom cometh. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave
    will be even mightier in these last days…HALLULJAH !!!

  • Mark

    Hey Tom,

    Most of this is pretty good, but at 25:02, you talk about the N and S antibodies. The immunology is deep into the weeds here, but we would actually expect to see lower Nucleocapsid antibody levels in Spike protein-vaccinated individuals. No cause for high alarm. It’s an effect of immune priming, where the first Covid antigen exposure (N or S) determines how the rest of your Covid antibody profile will look.

    It is Covid specific. Please read into this, or better yet find an immunologist. It doesn’t destroy your immune response against other pathogens.

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    As we continue on, hearing about this vax and its capabilities, its sickening and heart breaking the madness amoung us. Just when you think you have heard it all…then boom! More frightening stuff to bear.

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    May the Lord watch over you and your teams work!
    maranatha <<

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    Look at the CDC website, go to the search bar, type in Shielding. That’s where you will find the “camps”. Just so you know, you will not be going with your spouse and kids, read it. They plan to isolate people from family and friends. They know it will cause mental issues. I believe that is the plan.
    Thank you Pastor Tom. This is my first time on the Too Hot for the News. On You Tube can you do announcement of 1 minute or whatever, so that we know you’ve posted something new? Like Brandon Holthouse does when he does a Rumble.

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    Thank you Tom,God bless you and your family,we watch all the time.

    Patrick & Leeoni

    South Australia

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    God bless you Paster, I live in Australia and I believe that the camps that are being built here will not be used until the Great Tribulation, to lock away the Christians. Why else would they need them?

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    are you going to make more??

  • JT

    The vaccine is not the mark of the beast. It’s just a vaccine but I do believe it’s a precursor that is setting up this world for the mark. But the vaccine itself is not evil. It’s just a vaccine. Whether or not a believer takes it is their decision. Your not forfeiting your salvation.

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    Love seeing all the comments showing support. Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing it all with us.

  • Jamie Williams

    Pastor JD told us that the vaccine was going to make people sick and that the vaccinated would be the ones more prone to variants but also the ones shedding the variants…he told us this last year and now here it is happening.