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  • Curtis D Bowman

    God bless you all

  • robyn neill

    I’am trying to tell everyone that the lord is coming. People just don’t see it.

  • Kathy Kellams

    Thank you for everything

  • Monica Tetteh

    God bless this ministry!!

  • Christy Benoist

    Dear Pastor Tom, Before I was amazed that I was able to easily access the new video format. Now it doesn’t play for me IF I what changed. I will keep trying.

  • Christy Benoist

    Oops.. I meant “IDK what changed”

  • Christy Benoist

    I’m confused as to why the “too hot for you tube” update was easily accessible..yet the most recent seem to only be via rumble?? Was that just a one time thing? Guess maybe I have to “sign up”? Just not clear. Anyway, I still appreciate your hard work and vital updates VERY MUCH. God bless you and your team. Maranatha. Christy

  • Denise Jewett

    I love your megs ❤️ The best

  • Mike Blansit

    The problem with the articles that you present is not that folks can’t find them, it is the articles source. Natural News? Really? This site seems as about as credible as those advertisers on the Art Bell show or Alex Jones during Y2K… when society as we knew it would collapse due to there only being 2 digits for the year in the software running our infrastructure. EVERYONE BUY GOLD, BULLETS, AND OUR SURVIVAL FOOD KITS NOW!!!!!

  • Eileen

    I don’t know what I would do without your ministry and those of a few others such as Brandon Holthaus and JD Farag. My pastor won’t talk about what is happening except for vague references about turmoil and the decline of our nation.

    I cannot believe what is happening to America. The saying, “It’s a free country” is no longer accurate. Our constitutional rights are being violated by evil people. There is no one to stop them but the Lord. I know it is his will that this all happens, but it’s very difficult to watch and experience.

    I’ve been praying for America and Australia especially. But it’s spreading all over the globe. I feel for the Christians in China and those in Afghanistan who are enduring such horrible persecution. I pray for the members of the military who were abandoned there by our treasonous government.

    I wait for your updates. I watched the Too Hot for You Tube one with my husband. Actually started it by myself and then saved it so I could watch it with my husband.

    Thank you, Tom, and bless you and your ministry.