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  • Joy

    I know you do dislike the interpretations I gave you in the past about eschatology.
    But, the Lord specifically told me last night in a dream to let you be the first to know what He had decided about the judgement of the world.

    He will rapture every animal first. Then, every human.

    I am not a prophet and I really do not talk like one. A prophet would say,

    Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, the Lord God of the Gentiles, Jesus Christ from Nazareth:
    “I have judged the world, as I have promised that I would. Through my blood, every living creature
    is made clean from the filth of sin. I have heard my nation cry and beg and plead and debate and
    wrestle with Me, to rapture them. I have indeed heard you within your hearts; pure as snow do you desire
    this. Thus I, even I Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have judged you. I completed my goal of saving the whole
    world, doing so through the Cross and through my life on Earth and through my everlasting life now.
    My second goal of making sure ‘every living creature has been given the message of everlasting life’
    is neigh at hand, at the gates, and perhaps next year or earlier. Thank you for waiting on me for 2000 years.
    There is a few lose ends I must take care of. Wait just a few days more, and I shall rapture
    every animal first, then every human next. Again, thank you, all ye humans, for spreading the gospel
    of ‘love one another as I have loved you’. Thank you, oh Christians, for spreading the gospel of forgiveness,
    which is, ‘surrender to Jesus Christ’; you all did very good at that message. Behold, I will come in the clouds.
    I will make a dramatic entrance, just for fun. Get out your party favors and your fireworks, because that day,
    the great and dreadful day of the Lord, will come within this season.”