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  • Ruth

    Thank you Paster Hughes

  • Sharon Davis

    As Christians we are the body of Christ, not the bride. Israel is the bride. How can the church be raptured, sit down to the marriage supper of the lamb without Israel. Israel eyes will come open after we are raptured, go through the tribulation and then the 144,000 will be raptured. Wouldn’t the marriage supper celebration include them also?! The church does not replace Israel, it’s because of their blindness, and rejection of Jesus that through Cornelius was the open door for gentiles because of his faithfulness to God. God didn’t leave the church out of the redemption. So why would he have a celebration without Israel. The apple of His eye?

    • irie a

      church — body
      israel — bride

      one is male the other female

      the way most preachers see it the church is the body and the bride – obviously those that have this belief have not read scripture for themselves

  • Melinda Gagnon

    Just wanted to share a comment about a question that was asked on fridays program with James .. someone asked is celebrating Christmas ok ? .. I urge your listeners to watch “ saving Christmas “ by Kirk Cameron..
    it’s awesome and gives great background to why we should celebrate and to the details of Christmas.. God bless pastor !

  • C Boyer

    Excellent discussion on Will We be Raptured…” I don’t agree with all the “reasoning “; nonetheless, excellent.
    Big problem though with James’ reasoning that the war of Ezekiel 38 taking place after the Rapture because “God is dealing directly with the Jews then.” We must then ask why is that also not the case when Israel was re-established as a sovereign nation in 1948–as prophesied. That was God directly dealing with His people as well. Gentiles we’re also involved as they will be during Ezekiel 38. Plus, Israel will need 7 years to burn the weapons.
    One more thing regarding James not knowing if when we’re in Heaven if we are aware that lost loved ones are suffering in hell. Get with the apostle Paul’s writings and you can figure that out easy. Answer: No. We will have no knowledge or concerns about that.
    Whenever you end your talks be sure to direct folks to the Bible and study for themselves, asking God to give them wisdom and discernment. That way things won’t be all focused on you, but on the Lord. As it should be.

  • C Boyer

    One more thing in exception to James’ reasoning that the context or interpretation of things Rapture-related must be looked at in terms of Jesus or an apostle pointing back to an Old Testament passage: Not so, as the OT has little if anything to do with the Rapture. That is a hidden thing to the OT prophets.

  • Bret Pennington


  • Wendy

    I read a mystery last night and it spoke on the Book of Genesis where in the beginning God created Light from Darkness.

    It then went on to the Book of Luke where the Tomb of Jesus resting place (Dark as it would have been), on the 3rd day opened, 2 Men appeared in Dazzling Clothing announcing Jesus Christ risen

    Over to 2nd Corinthians where God said Light shall shine out of Darkness

    With that said then I am believing for *Rapture from Disaster

  • Michael Harris

    Watch ice age farmer if you want to know how it’s going with the farmer and ranchers