Caribbean Prophecy Cruise Until He Comes Conference | June 1-7, 2024

You’re invited to join Hope For Our Times for the ‘Until He Comes’ Prophecy Cruise. We will enjoy relaxation, great food, and fellowship with like minded people. Join Pastor Tom Hughes, Jeff Kinley, Dr. David Reagan, Bill Koneig, and Alex Newman on this special cruise where you’ll hear timely messages that will inform, challenge, and […]

The Imminent Return Prophecy Summit | October 5-8, 2023

Watcher’s Weekend will literally change your life and how you view world events in light of Bible Prophecy. This conference features over twenty of the leading voices and influencers in the world of Bible Prophecy. We’ll take an in-depth look at current events in America, Israel and around the world and show that everything is […]

European Prophecy Conference | September 22-30, 2023

Join us in Europe for three Prophecy Conferences in three locations this fall! Five dynamic prophecy teachers are coming to Europe Sept 22 – Sept 30 in Northern Ireland, Ayr, Scotland and Sanremo, Italy. The speakers are Billy Crone, Tom Hughes, Mondo Gonzalez, Ken Mikle and Brandon Holthaus.

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