Israel struck targets Thursday night in Iran

A US official told ABC News on Thursday night that Israel launched an attack on Iran and that that Israeli missiles had hit a site in Iran. A military source told Fox News that Israel carried out a “limited” strike in Iran. The comments came after Iran’s Fars news agency reported explosions near the Isfahan […]

Israel hits back at Iran in retaliatory strike

Israel launched its expected retaliatory strike against Iran on Friday morning, according to multiple reports. Israeli missiles hit at least one site in Iran, ABC News reported, citing US officials, and Iranian state media alerted citizens to explosions heard in the central part of the Islamic republic. The attack comes after Iran rained more than […]

Netanyahu has done what the world warned him not to

Israel’s strike on Iran on Friday morning will not come as a surprise to Western observers – but it will cause great concern in Washington and London as the region tips closer towards an all-out war. Following Iran’s attack on Israel on April 13, itself a response to an Israeli strike on an Iranian consulate, […]

Water Facilities Warned to Improve Cybersecurity As Hackers Pounce

The water sector is under pressure to improve cybersecurity protections as hacking threats grow. The Environmental Protection Agency and the White House met with governors last month and asked them to draw up plans by June 28 explaining how they plan to deal with major cybersecurity risks facing their state’s water and wastewater systems. Last […]

Meteorologist Warns of ‘Weather Wars’ Between Countries

Ameteorologist has warned of potential “weather wars” between countries if cloud seeding gets out of hand. The comments follow torrential rain in Dubai, the UAE, which caused extreme flooding. The downpour, which began on Monday, brought widespread disruption, closing schools, flooding homes and delaying travel. More than 142 millimeters of rain fell on the city […]

Government approves five-year plan for development of Gaza border communities

The Israeli government approved a five-year plan on Wednesday for the reparation of the Gaza border communities, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Tkuma directorate, a governmental body responsible for the reconstruction of the sector since October 7, announced on Wednesday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following the validation, “Today, the government approved the ‘Revival […]

‘Death to Israel’ in Turkish parliament during Erdogan speech

The speech of Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Parliament in Ankara on Wednesday, was cheered on from the audience with calls “Death to Israel.” Erdogan claimed Israel had repeatedly attempted to topple the Turkish government in recent decades and told parliamentarians that he expects to host the head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail […]

Iran and proxies going on high alert for fear of Israeli retaliation

Iran and its proxy forces in the Middle East are preparing for a possible attack from Israel, even as Israel’s allies and Western nations continue their efforts to persuade Israel to not retaliate against the Iranian regime for the unprecedented attack last weekend. After the regime announced it was preparing its Air Force for an […]

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