Not only are they not Christian, but they lead people away from true Biblical Christianity, and frankly, straight into hell. Therefore, this book, Roman Catholicism & the Coming One World Religion, gives you the reader an in-depth understanding into the history, background, and false teachings of Roman Catholicism and their dastardly plans to create a global religion across the planet. Here you will uncover many powerful insights into such mind-blowing questions as: Is Catholicism Really Christian? Do Catholics Follow Doctrines of Demons? Is Catholicism a Cult? Do Catholics Follow False Doctrine? Is Catholicism Demonic? Do Catholics Teach a False Salvation? Is Catholicism the Great Harlot? Do Catholics Worship Mary? Can Catholicism & Christianity Coexist? Do Catholics Worship Saints? Will Catholicism Persecute True Christians? Do Catholics Need to be Witnessed To?

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