A Bird’s-Eye View of the Bible

Whether you’re reading God’s Word for the first time or the fortieth, you’re bound to ask questions along the way: Why can I be confident the Bible is reliable? Who decided which books made the final cut? What else do I need to know to get the most out of what I’m reading?

For new and seasoned believers alike, The Ultimate Infographic Guide to the Bible delivers invaluable historical, cultural, and contextual insights so you can better understand Scripture. These fascinating charts, graphics, and timelines will enrich your reading experience by

  • highlighting the key events, themes, and applications found in each book of the Bible
  • providing background on the Bible’s reliability, translation process, and preservation
  • illuminating how God’s strength, power, and love are revealed throughout the Bible’s overarching story

The Ultimate Infographic Guide to the Bible will equip you to understand the significance of every part of the Bible—and witness how each incredible truth God makes known to His people is relevant to you today.

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